Wednesday, August 2, 2017


So, it had been getting harder and harder to see for the last few months.  It came on gradually and sometimes my vision would seem perfectly fine.  Then other times it’s just like I was looking through some frosted glass.  It seemed to come and go  and was thankfully only affecting my right eye.  I attributed it to allergies for a bit until the beginning of July when I finally decided to make an appointment to see an eye Dr.  I had a couple other things going on in my eyes, so I wanted to see an Ophthalmologist… 

I had my appointment last week, and long story short I’m fine.  I’ve had some sort of eye glass Rx for about 10-15 years…but it’s been so little of a difference from my regular vision I was only told to wear them when I wanted or at night when driving but I’m not restricted on my driver’s license or anything.  So basically…that means I don’t wear them.  Unless maybe I’m doing a lot of computer work and get eye strain…but really, let’s be honest.  Have you ever seen me in glasses?  Probably not!  Ha!  Ironic because I begged my mom for YEARS for glasses and just like she said…when I got them, it turns out I didn’t really want them! 

It had been over three years since I’d been to the eye Dr. and sure enough…all I needed was a stronger Rx for glasses and….get this….to actually wear them.  LOL  Slightly embarrassing reality that my eyesight has just gotten worse….but I’m so thankful my optic nerves and everything else is pretty much perfect! 

Today my glasses got in and I’m a little on the fence about 1.  The way they look/feel on my face and 2. How I like this Rx.  It’s still not a very big Rx but it’s big enough that it’s taking my eyes and brain some time to get used to.  The coolest thing is possibly that I can see SO much better.  I was driving to meet my niece for lunch and I could see not just the trees lining the street (like I always could) but all the leaves on the trees, as well as street signs before I’m right on top of them, etc… 

Isn’t that just how life is?  Things change gradually and we don’t even notice it until it hits some sort of breaking point?  I didn’t even realize that I wasn’t seeing the full picture.  I had gotten comfortable.  So, I  just need glasses to be able to see clearly.  I’m sure you could tell exactly what I needed from the opening sentence, and that’s also how life is sometimes.  We can see solutions to other people’s problems easily but not our own.  Or, we can see the speck in our friends’ eye and not the plank in our own. (Matthew 7:3)

Hint:  that’s me a lot…although also something I’ve been working on a lot this summer!  The removal of my own figurative plank in my eye…Perhaps then I wouldn’t need glasses at all! 

  I'm not fishing for compliments really, but if you have any feedback or tips I would love them!  Since I'm basically a glasses newbie!

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