Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Some of our current favorite books featuring kids of color

My son and I had a great time at Story time at the library this morning and then picked out some books to check out.  (And just so you don't we are those perfect people who make it to every story time, and make it there on time and in good spirits--just know that today is the first time we've made it to one early, found a parking place and actually stayed the whole time with no meltdowns!  Yay! #reallife #momlife)  We found three to add to our favorites featuring kids of color!  Woot!  Here are a few of our faves including three finds at the bottom!

My husband and I try to seek out mentors, friends and barbers, etc who are people of color for our son to look up to.  We also are intentional with the books we choose to bring into our home.  Yes, you'll find lots of classics that may only have white characters, but you'll also find multicultural books and books of families of color.  Because, we live in a diverse world and we are a diverse, transracial family.  Even if you don't have a transracial family I highly recommend these books because your kids will have friends, family, etc who look different than them too.  

Just like it's important for my son to have racial mirrors in real life and in books, it's important for everyone to have books (and friends) that are diverse and feature people from of all colors, shapes and sizes.

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I am pretty sure I've talked about this one before, because it was one of the first books we got when we decided to adopt transracially.  It's great, has silly and cute illustrations and overall has you embrace your differences!  Love it.

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I likely featured this back in January when we got it, but this series is awesome and this one about MLK doesn't dissappoint!  It covers the major things about who Dr.  Martin Luther Kind Jr was, what he stood for and how he did what he did.  Plus the big head and little body people, are

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Denene Millner's newest book and it's ggreat!  You may know her name from her popular blog My Brown Baby, or all the other books she's written.  This one features a girl as the main character who is about to sing for Church.  Her borhter, mother and father are all there too.  And the illustrations are spot on and amazing even down to the details in the hair.  

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Written by Misty Copeland, the famous and super talented black ballerina.  Yes it's about a ballerina, but not just any.  And ok, maybe i got more for me than my son at the library today.  But it's amazingly well done.  

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Super cute peekaboo book!  This cover reminds me of my son before his first haircut. (tear)

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Super fun book about all the family loving this baby so much.  

There are no affiliate links or anything here.  These are just some of our favorite books right now that feature kids of color that I wanted to share with you and I provided links to be helpful.   We bought them from amazon or checked them out from the library.

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