Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Life Lesson I learned from my 2 year old

This kid loves to run and play sports.  (And do just about everything else!  He's 2!)  He's already so coordinated it's fun to see him play basketball and catch.   

One thing my sweet, life loving son has taught me is:  just because you may be far from your goal doesn't have to discourage you.  He’s around 37” which is pretty tall for a 2 year old, and as you can see, he's still a ways from a regulation basketball hoop.  

But the thing is that he doesn't realize that.  His height doesn’t keep him from trying.  It doesn’t discourage him.  It doesn't mean he can't try to make it in.  It doesn't mean he can't have a great time trying.  And it doesn't mean that he can't just have fun playing the game.

Little J just looks up and goes for it.  He sees what he wants, and does his best to play basketball even on the big courts.  He runs with all his might, sort of dribbling the ball down the court and then he shoots.  He just does it.  He gives it his all and doesn't worry about the outcome.  He enjoys the moment.  He enjoys seeing the ball fly in the air and chasing after it after it comes back down.  He enjoys getting out of breath from playing.  He soaks it in, because he's obsessed with basketball.  Or dasketgall, as he says it.  It's usually the first and last thing out of his mouth every day and said about a million times in between.  

He doesn’t realize that he is WAY shorter than an adult who normally plays with that height of hoop.  He doesn’t let that get in the way of him pursuing something he loves.

What if we all had a bit of that attitude and perspective?!? 

What if we didn't try to understand and question everything before even attempting?

What if we trusted God and His plan for our lives even when we don't have all the answers?

What if we set high goals?  

What if we served others selflessly?

What if we dreamed limitlessly? ( I like to try to make up works...)

What if we loved fearlessly?

What if we prayed BIG?

What if?

I imagine it would be a bit of a different world than we currently live in.  Let's try it!   Start a new job?  Ask someone out on a date?  Move to a different state?  Write a book?  Start a family?  Adopt a child?  Go back to school?  Invite someone new over for dinner?  Pray for that thing that you've been stressing over?  What is something you would do if you weren't worried about the outcome? 

Little man got a chance to shoot hoops with some real basketball players about a month ago and had a great time too.  This one even helped him make it in. So sweet.

I wrote another post about "What if" about a year ago and while it was a bit of a different topic it holds true here too.  This is from that post:  

"We can trust that God has a plan for exactly where we are, where we're going and where we've been.  He's using those challenges and journeys to shape you into who you are.  If you are still breathing (which would be everyone reading this!) He's not finished with you yet.  We are all a work in progress and there is beauty in the ashes."

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