Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Get in the Pic! (Let's stop using the four letter U word too!)

Follow up to I stopped using the F-word, and why you should too.

A couple months ago while my little family was in Estes my hubby snapped a pic of my son and I walking out of a building at the Y.  When he sent it to me later that night, my first thought was that I didn't like the way I looked in it.  (See pic below)  My pants were not too flattering (so light), awkward stance, and the list goes on....but then I realized that's SO silly!  My hubs loves me, thinks I'm beautiful and snapped this pic of his son and wifey.  I'm usually the one behind the camera and it's SO nice to have a pic with me in it (that's not a selfie)!

So let’s get in the picture.  Let’s get out from behind the camera.  Who cares what you weigh?  Who cares if your hair is a mess?  Or if you are in leggings or light colored jeans?  Or if you didn’t put makeup on?  Who cares if you have wrinkles from a life lived?  Or if your clothes have food smeared on them?  

Do you know what people do care about?  You.  All of you.  Who are you.  Your kids want to be able to remember what those memories in the pictures were about and WHO was with them.  They won’t care if you thought you looked like a hot mess.   They don't care if you're bigger than you'd like to be, or have more wrinkles than you've ever had.  They want to remember you.  They want to remember what you looked like when you welcomed them into the family.  They want to see what you looked like 9 months pregnant.  They want to show their kids and grand kids pictures of the mama they loved so much.  (or grandma, or great grandma, or aunt, or cousin, or whoever you are reading this right now.) They want to remember what you looked like.

So let’s get in those photos.  Let’s hand over the cameras (or phones) and get someone else (even if it has to be a stranger) to take a photo of the whole family.  Or at least give the camera to your spouse/friend so they can take a few with you and the kids too.  Let people take photos of all of us so we'll have something to remember, and our kids and grand kids will too!

I talked about why we don't use the3-letter F word in our house, but I also think we all should stop using the 4-letter U word.  It's also destructive and just plain mean.  It won't necessarily get you in trouble with a teacher or the law, but it still isn't a good thing at all.  When we think that we look ‘Ugly’ or someone is ‘Ugly’, here again we're insulting God.  What's on the inside is what matters, and we all come in different shapes, shades and sizes.  Our features are all different and we are all uniquely created beautiful people!  

Let’s get over ourselves and get in the pics.  

Also, let's get over ourselves and get in the bathing suit and go to the pool.  

Get over ourselves and live, life, loud or quietly if you prefer! 

If we wait until we are the perfect weight, have the perfect makeup or tan or perfectly toned or don’t have any cellulite left it may be too late.  We don’t know the future, but I do know that not one of us is making it out of here alive.  Let’s get in the picture!  Let's live life!  Let's love well!!  And stop putting ourselves down while we are at it!!  I doubt that people are paying attention to what you are wearing, half as much as you think they are.  And if they are?  Who cares? You know who you are, they don’t.  You know you are just who God created you to be.  You are someone’s loved one, mama, grandma, aunt or sister.  You are beautiful.    

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