Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Women amaze me, here's why!

It's Women's History month!!  It wasn't until I was eating lunch at a cute little Taqueria with my little fam after Church yesterday and I saw her.  I've seen many like her my whole life.  I am even basically her right now.  But it wasn't until I saw her sit down with her infant carrier in the booth...and it hit me again.  Women are amazing.  Always multitasking (well).  Always caring for others.  Always on call.

Who can do just about everything that men can do IN HEELS?!  Women!

Who are the only ones who carry and birth babies?  Women!

Who are the ones who can heal a cut or scrap with a simple kiss?  Women, specifically mamas!

Who fiercely protects their children?  Women, specifically mamas again!

Who else can carry a newborn or 30+ toddler and do housework?  (Like all day everyday!)  Women!  Women are remarkably strong.

I know what you’re thinking.  Men can do some of these things.  True.  Men are pretty cool too.  Single dads especially can do a lot!  But really, women are just rock stars.

Look at women in the context of the Bible.  In Genesis after God had created the earth and everything in it including man, He saw that it was not good for man to be alone.  So the answer to that?  God made a suitable helper, and it was a woman.  (Genesis 2)  A woman was the answer to the first question in creation!  Pretty significant, right?!?

Then let’s look at just a few other instances of women in the Bible.  Hm…who bore Jesus when he came to earth as a baby?  A woman named Mary.  (Matthew 1:18-24)  Who were the first witnesses of Jesus’ resurrection?  Women!  (Mark 16)  Not a man, not the disciples, but women!  That’s definitely significant, friends!  There lots other key women in the Bible:  Esther, Ruth, and the list goes on….

Let's think about it ladies.  I'm not saying we shouldn't get paid the same as men for the same work.  In fact, this is not a political post at all.  But, let's face it.  We are different than men.  We were made to do different tasks.  We were made to carry babies (on our hips, etc.).  We can feed our newborns & toddlers at the same time as ourselves.  We are different.  Different isn't bad.  In this case, no offense men, but different is BETTER!  

 Let's embrace our differences and do it all the while IN HEELS!  (Or Vans or Nikes or whatever you want to wear!)

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