Friday, March 3, 2017

Fun Friday: 7 random things about me

For this week's Fun Friday I thought I would share some random things that have been going through my head lately.

1.  I love Hershey's (milk chocolate) eggs.  I like kisses alright, but every year when the eggs come out for Easter I purchase a couple bags at a time and go through them super fast because I can't get enough of them...  They probably taste just the same as kisses BUT they aren't pointed so they taste better! Right?!
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2.  I am almost always making music of some sort.  Whether it's singing, humming, whistling, drumming on any given surface or playing some instrument.  My life really is a musical. Sometimes it annoys people...which is embarrassing because I don't often realize I'm doing it.
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3.  I am simultaneously excited and terrified to start potty training little J.  I have been reading and researching and it makes me still feel torn.  Any tips?  Recommendations on little potties?  The one below is pretty stinkin' cute...

4.  Related to #3, I think those tiny urinals they sell in Toys 'R' us are absolutely A-DOR-ABLE!  We will likely start with a regular little potty tho. But I still think they are precious...not really sure why... I know I'm weird...
5.  I had never listened to any Natalie Grant music until about 6 months ago and now she's probably one of my very favorite artists EVER!  How did I miss out on her for SO long?!?!  King of the World and More than Anything are my two faves of hers, but just about everything is awesome!
6.  I can hardly wait for Spring to be here and I have loved every mild day of winter this year!  Ok, to be fair, I've also enjoyed most of the not so mild ones.  But I love when the weather is nice enough to be outside without jackets and just walk/play most of the day.

7.  I have started three different books this year...and finished none....yet.

Tell me what's been going on with you, or random things about you!  (In a comment on here, on social media, via email or PM!)

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