Monday, March 20, 2017

Bittersweet time...

There are many ups and downs with adoption (and parenting in general), but today it hit me again. I think some people assume, especially when you adopt an infant, that the emotional roller coaster (of waiting, etc) is over. The truth is that it's really just beginning.

You see, my son just turned 2, and so much has happened this past year! So many milestones, so many smiles, new words, hugs, kisses, lessons, meltdowns and accomplishments.... So much to be thankful for. Just as I witnessed each of these things, the one who carried him for nine months did not. It's difficult to summarize a whole year of life for my amazing little guy in a letter and some photos. But today, I did and then mailed it off. So thankful for his birth-mother and her brave, selfless and loving choice.

Such a bittersweet time.  Our whole family little family is bittersweet.  God brought us together in a beautiful way, showing us a picture of how He's adopted us as sons and daughters.  Yet we were brought together because of a severed relationship.  Would you send up a prayer for my son's birthmama tonight with me?

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(I'm a mama by domestic infant transracial semi-open adoption.  You can find out more about what that means in this post or just ask me!)

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