Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Our story

I know some of you already know our story, or at least bits of it.  In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up I thought I would share a bit of it on here.

While my husband and I both went to the same college, although I was three years behind him, and were in the same Christian groups throughout, we didn’t actually meet until I had graduated and moved back home and we both signed up for eHarmony.  Isn’t it funny how life works out sometimes?  Or rather, isn’t it funny how God works sometimes?  We just watched all of Anne of Green Gables (love, love, love it and hadn’t seen it in YEARS!) and I got to thinking that I could have seen our relationship much like Anne and Gilbert’s if we had met earlier in life.  I digress…

After I graduated in May of 2007 I was working long hours for the highway department and loving it.  Since I’d graduated, it was kind of hard to meet people, so I signed up on eHarmony on a whim and in July got matched with this guy with dreamy eyes.  To my pleasant surprise, he reached out through their guided communication the day after we were matched and we ended up meeting at Barnes and Noble a few weeks later.  The rest is kind of history.  We hit it off right away, had so much in common and every lots of mutual (aka slacker!) friends.  We were living an hour apart at the time, so we’d meet up in the middle some of the time. 

By October, he wanted me to meet his best friend to get the ‘approval’ or something.  So we flew out to San Francisco for a quick trip.  Before we left, Jesse mentioned (more than once) that he’d really like to fly a kite on the beach while we were there.  I kind of wondered why it was such a big deal, but went along with it since it seemed so important to him.  Little did I know what that would mean…

We had a great time visiting the city and sights with his best friend.  Then Saturday morning we all went to a beach in Pacifica (where his friend was living) to fly the kite.  We got to the sand and before I knew it, I was holding the spool of string to the kite and Jesse had me counting to ten.  I think I was kind of counting his awkward steps away from me, but it is kind of a blur.  Then, the kite went up and I saw something sparkly coming towards me.  It was in fact a beautiful engagement ring.  He came over, kneeled down and asked me to marry him.  I said yes and his friend caught it all in photographs!  So sweet and thoughtful of those two. 
Once we got back to Colorado we set a date, made plans and a few months later in June of 2008 we got married.  Talk about a blur, I thought the proposal was a bit of a blur, but our wedding day definitely was.  We had a great time making our vows, taking pictures, visiting with family and friends but so much of it was just a blur because it seems like it went by in a second.  Anyone else feel like that?

Jesse was in grad school, and when he finished in 2010 we moved to North Carolina for 5 years for a Post Doc.  We started pursuing adoption in February 2014 (although didn’t send in paperwork until December 2014) and brought our little J home in April 2015 (after spending a couple weeks with him in GA waiting for the ICPC to go through).  Then in the fall of 2015 we got to move back to Colorado when Jesse landed his dream job!  So, that’s a bit of our love story.  Hope you enjoyed it.  We have had many ups and downs (you can see a few here, and here) in our lives as well as marriage, but God has been ever present and we are beyond thankful.  I may have written it differently, but I would have missed out on much,  The grief and sorrow make the joy that much sweeter.  Love my guys. <3 o:p="">

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