Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My husband has a secret admirer (and yours may too)

Dear hubby of mine, 

You may not realize this, but you have a secret admirer.  You may think that this would be a cause of concern for me, but it's not.  In fact, I couldn't be more pleased.  

You are the sweetest, strongest, most compassionate, loving, hard-working, servant-hearted and God-fearing man I've ever known.  I am so thankful God put you in my life, even though I wish it had been sooner.  You are my best friend, husband, my favorite person to laugh and cry with, my co-adventurer and the sweetest father to our son.  

Back to this person I was talking about though.  They study every move you make, trying to mimic you because they are so crazy about you.  He looks up to you, hangs out with you and really tries to be like you -- and I couldn't be happier.  Have you figured it out yet? 

He watching.  He's noticing.  He's learning.  He's gathering how to treat others by the way you treat them.  He's taking it all in.  There's no doubt he's learning from me too, but you are the one he really looks up to.  You're his daddy.  Your secret admirer is your son.

  • He sees you bring me coffee and learns it's nice to be thoughtful.  
  • He sees you help with dishes after dinner and learns it's kind to be helpful and a part of the team. 
  • He hears you opening the door when you get home and runs to greet you.  No matter how long or hard of a day you've had you always greet him with a smile and hug and he learns it's always nice to be kind.
  • He sees you working on your bicycle and learns what it's like to be a good steward.
  • He hears you read books to him and learns no matter how much education you have or how serious one is at work, they can do silly voices and sing ‘The Wheels on the Bus..’.  (Ok, he also learned this one from your former boss! J)
  • He sees you work hard and learns how to provide for his family. 
  • He sees you and learns what it's like to be a man.
  • He sees you interact with me and learns how to treat women.
  • He sees you read the Bible, hears you read the Bible and pray and you point him to Jesus.

You may think you are just going through your day, which you are, but there is so much more to it now.  I know you're not perfect, but I am sure thankful our son has you to look up to.  I'm thankful he has someone like you to mimic, learn from and know.  I tell you this not to make you nervous, but to encourage you because you're doing a great job. 

You are also about to turn a year older tomorrow.  I just wanted you to know I'm so proud of you, not just for your accomplishments but for the man and father you have become.  You work so hard to provide for our family and little J and I appreciate you so much.  You selflessly lead this family of ours so well.  You help keep the cars running, change furnace filters and do other things around the house.  You get up early and yet, you're willing to stay up late with me talking.  You're my favorite man, ever.  My forever Valentine, The father of my child and I love you with all my heart.  

Keep up the good work,

Your wifey 

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