Friday, January 20, 2017

Mamas: Let's be friends, not foes

I've been having a such a great time at the new Walking Fellowship group I started earlier this month.  It's a time where some women (I think all are moms so far) can get some exercise and also just hang out.  It's been so good for my body and soul.  If you're in the area and don't know the details of when/where we meet let me know and I will send you an invite!!

I love being a Mom, but I hate that some moms can be very judgmental and downright mean.  

Yes, I only have one kid. (so far!)
Yes, I'm a 'first time mom'.
Yes, I got a late start. 
Yes, I became a mom through adoption.
Yes, ________ (insert another thing like those above that basically make me out to be a naive first time parent, who either coddles my child too much or doesn't coddle enough)

Do you ever get that type of thing?  I'm so over it.
You don't have to make others small or into 'bad moms' to make yourself feel like a good mom.

I became a mom a bit late.  And so what if I've only been a Mom for a little bit?  I'm still the one who knows my child best.  I am the one who can help heal his wounds.  I'm the one he calls out for in the morning when he wakes up.  I know I'm not the best mom in the world, but I'm the best mom for my child.  I'm the one that God placed as his mother and I'm sure going to do the best job I can at it!  I will make some mistakes, yes.  I will also love and protect him fiercely, make lots of right choices and wonderful memories helping my little one grow into the man he’s going to be.

I'm pretty sure that's the same as you, right?  You were given your children to mother, and you're doing your best, right?  You would walk through fire for them.  You already work so hard to provide them a safe, loving home.  You make mistakes but generally make the best choices for them.  You're a good mom!

You see, we both can be good moms.  We don’t have the same kids and we aren’t going to parent the same.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t both be good moms, right?!?!  
So this year, let’s be friends with other moms (& women), focusing on building each other up and praying for each other.  We are raising the next generation and that’s a BIG responsibility!  God gave us children to mother, and we are the ones who can raise them best.  You know yours, I know mine, God knows them all.  So let’s have faith that God knows what He’s doing and love on our kids and our friends.

I'm Juli, a child of God, a wifey and a good mama.  I’m possibly a little obsessed with my sweet toddler, because he’s awesome and I’m his Mom, what can I say?!?  It's nice to meet you.  **insert handshake** to meet you.  **insert handshake**

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