Friday, January 6, 2017

Fun Fridays: 20 Free (or Cheap) Things to do in the Winter:

Fun Fridays are a new series I'm doing.  It's an idea I came up with when planning for 2017, and wanting my last post of most weeks to be positive, fun, helpful and encouraging.  They will also feature tips, activities, and other things you can incorporate into your weekends and/or family time!  If you or another blogger you know would like to join me next time just fill out this form here.  Thanks!

20 Free (or Cheap) Things to do in the Winter:

  1. Sledding -- in your backyard or at the local sledding hill. (If you are local to Northern Colorado try:  K99's list!)  Cost=free unless you needs sleds (gas to get there)
  2. Snow football/Marco Polo -- especially if you have a lot of snow!  Cost=free
  3. Tubing -- either a local place of your choice, or RMNP has a great hill at the old Hidden Valley Ski area and it's free.  Lots of ski towns in CO also offer tubing for a fee.  Cost=free depending if you have tubes and/or a free place to go.
  4. Ice skating -- Outdoor or indoor this time of year!  I suggest layers if you are going to really skate much though, I always work up a sweat (is that TMI?!?!) no matter how cold it is!  Cost=varies, but there are at least two outdoor options in Northern Colorado that have unlimited skate time which makes them more reasonable (The Rink at Centerra and The Pond at Foothills)
  5. Snowshoe/hike -- Either around your local community or in your neighboring mountains.  Cost=nominal for snowshoe rentals/gas or free if you hike locally
  6. Mall walking/Window Shopping.  Whether you'd like to get some exercise or a time to chat with friends, this can be great alternative to outdoor walks in the winter!  I just started a walking fellowship group here locally, if you are a local and interested message (on fb, insta, comment here or email) me and I will give you all the deets!  Cost=free (gas to get there)
  7. Play games at home -- board or card games.  Cost=free
  8. Go to the library for books or story time.  Cost=free (gas to get there)
  9. Movie marathon -- you pick the theme: classics, musicals, action, etc...  Cost=free or nominal, depending if you are watching movies you own.
  10. Put together a puzzle -- get the whole family involved! (or if you're like me, just watch your hubs and  Cost=free or nominal, depending on whether you need to acquire a puzzle
  11. Help someone in need -- shovel for them, take a meal, visit, etc...  Cost=free to as much as you'd like
  12. Check out your local community calendar for free (or other) events going on   Cost=depends
  13. Try a new recipe for a baked good -- bread, cake, pie, cookies, etc...(You could take some to a family member or neighbor too!)  Cost=depends on ingredients 
  14. Practice photography -- do you have snow around? beach? mountains? trees? children? pets? Try out your camera's different settings or find a tutorial/cheat sheet online to help!  Cost=free, assuming you have a camera (or camera phone)
  15. Host a 'Build Your Own' party -- pizza, parfaits, sundaes, crafts, etc...  Cost=nominal, have people bring ingredients to help defray costs!
  16. Donate blood -- if you are able.  If you are local to CO--look up Bonfils, they have different places you can donate as well as traveling Blood Drives!  Cost=free
  17. Tutor/Mentor someone -- whether it's someone you know is struggling with math and you are a math wiz or someone who could use a friend/mentor.
  18. Start a book club -- or find one to join.  Cost=cost of book(s) 
  19. Go through your closet(s) and donate -- Cost=free
  20. Start (or continue) journaling -- either with pen/paper or on the computer.  You could even start a blog.  Cost=free or nominal for journal potentially
I hope this gives you at least a few new ideas of fun things to do this Winter!  Whatever you decide to do this weekend, I hope you enjoy a safe one with the ones you love.

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