Friday, January 27, 2017

For those who don't yet have voices

Today many are again marching in Washington (DC) but this time it's for the unborn. People are giving a voice to the voiceless.

I've always been for the life of the unborn, and the born. The first time I realized that not everyone felt the same way was my Sophomore year in college when the other RAs and I in my dorm put together this 'Silent Solidarity' day. Everyone who participated wore the shirts we designed and we were all just supposed to stay silent all day, and if someone asked why we had cards to hand out. My Hall Director, who was just about the sweetest guy you'll ever meet, saw that I wrote unborn babies and kind of gave a quizzical look but didn't say anything. (not that he could, he was supposed to be silent too....haha) I handed out a lot of my cards that day, and while I expected everyone to get it, they didn't. I found out that most people were confused.

Perhaps it is because they were uneducated.
Perhaps it is because they hadn't even thought of it.
Perhaps it's because we live in a place and time where we in general don't value people, especially the smaller or less vocal they are.
Maybe it's because they want to think that it's just a clump of cells instead of a human.

But can I just ask you a question if you are Pro-Choice? When I got a positive pregnancy test and was pregnant, what was I pregnant with if it wasn't a human? Unfortunately my pregnancy ended in miscarriage several weeks later, and it was most definitely a tiny human who died and we grieved. It wasn't just a clump of cells. Our baby had its own DNA, he/she was our baby. I think that adoption, miscarriage and infertility have all just given me more clarity than EVER on this whole issue.

God created each and every one of us fearfully and wonderfully. From the very beginning He planned it all out, and formed us while we were still in our mother's womb. (Jeremiah 1 & Psalm 139) Life begins at conception, that's when there are no longer his and hers genes but a whole new person. (link to more info) We can't just choose to murder someone ever, but especially when they are in the safest place they are ever going to be--in their mother's womb.

Pregnancy can be hard, you're growing a tiny human after all. Parenting can be hard and expensive, there are definite ups and downs. Choosing to place for adoption is a hard decision, too. Abortion isn't exactly easy either. Maybe for some of the others involved, but not for the mother who will have her baby torn from her and then have to deal with that for the rest of her life. All the options are tough, but in the end it's either life or death for that baby. Let's choose life. Let's help others choose life, and either to parent or to place, but support them all the while. Most everyone agrees that murder is wrong. So why do so many think that murdering innocent babies is ok? It makes my heart and stomach and ovaries hurt all at the same time. As you may know, the main reason we feel(and felt) called to adopt Domestically is because of the epidemic of abortion and we want to give expectant mothers another option!

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