Friday, December 2, 2016

A few favorites of the season

I just changed our chalkboard yesterday, even though it's still technically fall for a few more weeks, I just had to get something Christmasy up there!  It's the second half of one of my favorite verses. (Isaiah 9:6)

We also finally decorated the rest of our house last night.  So it's truly beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  We'd done little J's felt tree earlier in the week, but with little J and I both down with a pretty nasty cold the rest didn't get done till yesterday.  Better late than never though right?!

Joe Joe's are back!  I've enjoyed the regular Joe Joe's for a few years--get them early because they always sell out fast!  But I splurged and got a pack of the Dark Chocolate covered ones and they are delish.  (Although a little pricey at $4 for just 10 of them!)  I may or may not have hidden them for just me to enjoy....

And I am still so impressed with how Target has multiple ornaments that are diverse!  We picked this one up a couple days ago, and I think we may have to get more because #representationmatters.

That's all.  Hope everyone has a great first weekend of December!!

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