Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Favorite Quotes from my guys recently

I have been gathering these little quotes (and new words/sayings) from my guys for a little while and yesterday did me in ("done her in"--can you name that movie? One of my faves...) with the last one so I decided to go ahead and publish this.  I may have more parts to this and make it a series, or this may be a stand alone...either way, I think you'll like it.  I have some pretty sweet guys in my life. So thankful for them, and thankful God entrusted us to each other.

"I'll never get sick of toys laying around.  It makes me happy."  Jesse

"I'll also never get sick of tiny clothes around."  Jesse

"I did it!" J age 18 months, referring to taking his shoe off in the car...he incriminated himself...but oh so sweetly.

"Gotcha" J age 19.5 months, as he comes and "gets me". lol

"Tickle, Tickle"  little J has been doing this for a while now because tickle was one of his first works, but it still cracks me up each time!

"One little monkey" ok, little J can't totally pronounce it yet but ever since we started gymnastics it's been his favorite little song and he will periodically hold up one finger bouncing along and do the tune and say words that resemble one little monkey and it's the cutest.

"Dank you" J age 20 months, after you hand him anything or help him with something.  So sweet.

"Amen" little J age 20 months after we pray.  The sweetest!

Ok and just yesterday when we were out picking something out at the store.
me:  "Which do you like better:  Batman or Justice League?"
J:  "Batman" said just perfectly at 20 months.  Adorbs.

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