Monday, October 10, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: All about accessories

This week are discussing accessories that are kind of baby-proof!  My sense of style (or sometimes just lack thereof) hasn't changed a whole lot since becoming a mom a little over 18 months ago.  But the thing that has changed is what earrings I choose to wear!  I always loved the big dangle ones, and well, those were the first to go when my little guy turned about 6 weeks old.  He would pull and tug until he nearly yanked them out of my ears, that and pull my hair.  So you'll notice I now have shoulder length hair and wear posts. :)  Well worth it compromise.
These are some of my favorite accessories to add to outfits for fall, and almost any season!  
1. Chevron Scarf--light and comfy!  Love these type of scarves.
2.  Teething necklaces - fashionable, functional and durable!  Yes!  And it has a clasp in the back that makes sure you don't get strangled!
3. Cute Fossil Bag (old, similar and similar!) -- I've been able to just carry a small purse again for the last couple months.  I can fit a diaper, few wipes (in a ziplock) and my wallet in there and it's awesome to not be tied down to a diaper bag anymore for now!
4. Vans -- cute and comfy sneaks!
5.  New Sketchers --  comfy, even for my silly picky feet and I love the look of them!
6.  Another little purse because I'm enjoying the non diaper bag phase! (Can you tell my favorite colors?!?!)  And I know this is in style because my 15 y/o niece just got this one too!  :)
7.  Cute studs -- I have basically not take these out since I got them on sale a couple months ago.  Love the look and that they don't bother my ears!! Win!
I also recently talked about a couple other things I picked up this season to update my wardrobe in this post, so check it out to see links to my favorite new jeans (I had to get three pairs I loved them SO much!) and some new booties!

Probably my favorite part about all these accessories (and yes I'm classifying shoes in that category too) is that they are versatile and could easily be a part of a capsule wardrobe which is the direction I'm leaning.

I always love it when fashion bloggers (totally not claiming to be one of course!) put together little outfits, so I tried below.  Hope they are helpful!  These are three of my updated go-to outfits for fall: 2 casual for pumpkin patches and football games and one slightly dressy for other events.  Did I ever mention, that I just love fall!?!?!?!  
1.  Casual (perfect for pumpkin picking or football games)
 Earrings (Kohls) | Vest (Old Navy) | Scarf (here) | Jeans (Maurices) | Vans (here) | Purse (here)

2.  Casual (perfect for pumpkin picking or football games)
Shirt (Target--so comfy!) | Vest (Old Navy) | Jeans (Maurices) | Earrings (Kohls) | Sketchers (here)

3.  Slightly dressy (perfect for other events like concerts, fall casual work parties...)
Sweater (Target) | Booties (Kohls) | Jeans (Maurices) | Earrings (Kohls) | Necklace (here)

Be sure to check out everyone else participating this week and see their accessory styles!  And go to Kiana or Madeline's blogs to sign up for next MSM if you'd like!

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This is not a sponsored post, I just linked to things in case you were interested in getting them too!


  1. I love this! And those studs are so cute! I seriously think I need them. I never wear dangly earrings anymore!

  2. What cute ideas! And I'm so glad to have been introduced to your blog.

  3. I love all those things! I really think if I had pierced ears I would probably only wear studs ha ha.

    1. Thanks, and since you don't have pierced ears do you wear clip ons? or just no earrings? Because I didn't get mine pierced till I was older, and I loved clip ons and had them for days....well...back in the day... Not sure they are still as popular as back then. Just curious! :)

  4. Shoes totally count! Love the outfits you put together. I always say I'm gonna try real hard to accessories my outfits, I love what other people put together but fail with my own. 😂 I'll get it someday! ❤

    1. Thanks! And your post was great, and I totally agree that my kiddo is my fave accessory anyway! ;)