Thursday, October 13, 2016

First Haircut

Our son just had his first haircut at 18.5 months!  He got 6.5 inches off most of his head!  Wow!  Here are some pics of the great experience we had at the barbershop.  I must admit that it was much harder on me than I thought it would be.  I have snuggled, washed, oiled, detangled and cared for that beautiful hair for the last year and a half...  But so thankful that he is strong, healthy, growing boy who we are SO lucky to call our son.

 Here's a before short from the evening before the haircut.  See all those beautiful tiny curls?  So cute.
 Three pics from the during the haircut.  Baby J started out a little uneasy (as you can see him holding Big J's arm) and then he was goofing around by the time we were about halfway through!  He did such a great job for the barber, and the barber was so kind and patient!  Awesome experience!  (And yes, I did save the hair, because that's what everybody does....right?!?!?!)
 After pic, when we were watching a spur of the moment little remote control car race in the parking lot at Trader Joe's.
Doesn't he look about 10 years older now?  Or at least a few?!?!  He went from being a baby to a little boy.  Bittersweet.  But, he's still our sweet, sweet boy.  Who loves to snuggle and read, and run and play and just be around people.  So thankful for our little family.

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