Monday, October 24, 2016

Bedtime Routine

Here's another installment of Mommy Style Monday and it's all about bedtime routines!  We have always had a bedtime routine, to some extent but since my son has been able to walk steadily we've made some more additions and tweaks to it and he just loves it.  And I have to admit, that I do too.  It's so fun to see him mature and like doing things for himself (with lots of help sometimes!).

I know children, and people really, thrive on routine and my son is no exception!  He loves reading the last bedtime story, brushing his teeth, washing his hands and heading upstairs with me and now even asks to start it before it's even bedtime!  (Likely because he likes another chance to play in the water and also because he loves his bed...whether he's sleeping in it or not! ha!)

Here are three crucial things that have helped our routine:

1.  Toothbrush holder(similar):  When J got to be about 16 months old I let him pick out a toothbrush holder and he chose this adorable lion.  It sticks on the mirror, and even though he can't reach it yet he enjoys seeing it there and always knows where his toothbrush is!
2.  Stool:  We found this one at Target and I really like that it has two little steps instead of one big one BUT it's kind of huge yet very stable.  We have a Thomas one that is a little more narrow upstairs in our bathroom too.  But this one J loves to climb on and it's so steady it makes us all happy!  :)
3.  J's own towel:  I tried to find some cute character or kid hand towels to no avail, so I let J pick out a color for his hand towels and he went with this green.  He knows which towels are his, and although he can wipe his hands on any towel he almost always chooses his own!  I think it makes washing his hands more fun, but maybe that's just in my head....

Now as for the actual routine, we almost always put J to bed at 8pm but we stay flexible if we are out of town and/or at a friends house or something.  This flexibility has been a lifesaver for our family, because J sleeps well at naptime and bedtime but also can be a great trooper=less stress for all of us!

8 is just a time that we kind of arbitrarily picked when J was a newborn and it worked so well for our family that it stuck.  I have friends who put their kids to bed earlier and later with much success but this gives us the most time as a family between the time my husband gets home from work and J goes to bed and then also balances some time with just my husband and I after J goes to bed so we can catch up on dishes (or other chores), catch up with each other, do a little more work and/or watching a show or something together before we go to bed.  I don't think there is a perfect or set bedtime for every kid or family, just find what works for you and go with it!

7:55pm We read the last bedtime story. (Typically something from the Jesus Storybook Bible, but sometimes J has to hear Pout, Pout one more time after that! :)

8:00pm (It looks lengthy but our routine is pretty quick and I'm usually back downstairs by at least 8:10pm!)

  • We brush teeth, wash hands and face in downstairs bathroom. (I let J start by brushing his own teeth and then I finish, makes it interactive and fun for us.)
  • Then J says goodnight to daddy and heads upstairs with me.
  • (We do baths are every other night or so and they go right here if it's that night.)
  • Then I change his diaper, change him into jammies and lotion him up.  (With low lighting just from the hallway coming in his room)
  • Then J says goodnight to me, we pray together and I tuck him into bed.  I make sure he has his favorite blanket and kiss him about 100 more times because he's the sweetest.  Then he waves as I leave the room and says "nigh, nigh".  He's usually asleep within about 10 minutes and sleep through till morning at about 7am, give or take an hour or two on either side!

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  1. Routine is KEY! My son does so well with a routine. It is a serious life saver!

  2. I love that you shared your bedtime routine must-haves! That little Lion Toothbrush holder is so cute! We let Chelsea brush her teeth first then help her afterwards, too. We're big believers in independence at our house!

  3. Step stools are a life saver! I realized just a couple of weeks ago that our 2 year old can finally use a step stool to brush teeth and wash hands, haha. It was exciting.