Monday, September 12, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: Date Night

This week's Mommy Style Monday is all about date nights!  I've enjoyed being a part of this series!

We used to have some of the best and most fun dates back when we were dating.  (Which seems like an eternity ago...but I guess it has been 9 years!)  

Then we got married, and although we still tried to "date" it changed.  Soon, it was much more practical to eat at home and rent movies since we were now living in the same house, instead of eating out and/or seeing movies in the theater.  When we moved to North Carolina after we'd be married 2 years, we decided to make dating each other more intentional and visited new restaurants, farmers markets, parks, community theatre, etc to explore the new state together.  We also would take day trips (and sometimes overnight trips) to the beach or the mountains.   We love exploring, and doing it with someone you love is just that much more wonderful!  (I know, the cheese factor is high with this post...)  

Then, when we became parents in late March 2015 and things really stayed about the same for dates.  We wanted children to be able to spend time with them too.  :)  So, we have, what we sometimes refer to as, "family dates" instead of just dates.  We'll go out to dinner, order take out, have picnics in the park, walk around the mall, go on a walk, go to the mountains, or the drive-in in the summer.  (Or just about anything really!)
We had a spur of the moment drive to RMNP yesterday and snapped 
this at one of the lookouts on Trail Ridge Road.  One of my fave pics 
possibly ever.  Can you tell baby J gets (and loves) selfies!  So cute.

In fact, we've only been on two true dates since we've been parents.  (Not complaining at all)  One we did in February, kind of for Valentine's Day when we went out to dinner and a movie while my parents watched baby J.  Then just a couple weeks ago we went to a Black Tie Wedding where kids weren't allowed, and my parents watched baby J.  I'll post a pic from the wedding, Big J was actually one of the groomsmen because it was one of his good friends from college who got married.  It was fun to get dressed up!  Definitely not something that happens on the regular around here. :)  

Black Tie Wedding at the Cheyenne
Mountain Resort

I'll say though, whenever we aren't with our baby it's like a piece is missing.  I always miss him.  Maybe it's because we waited so long to have kids.   Maybe it's because I always wanted to be a mom.  Maybe it's because I am with him all the time because I get to stay home with him.  I'm not sure, but I sure love that little guy and enjoy being with him! <3 div="">

Quick snap before we went to a work party at one of big J's co-
workers' houses on Saturday night.  Not sure what I'm doing 
with my legs, but I'm enjoying these cooler evenings when 
I can wear boots again. :)

Plus baby J goes to bed around 8 every night, so once he's asleep J and I have some time to chat, wind down, have a cup of tea and watch a show together.  (We just finished the entire series of Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, and I 'm so sad it's over!  I loved it as a kid and as an adult too.  Any recommendation for a new series on Prime?  Before Quinny we finished Star Trek: Next Gen, Original, Deep Space 9 and Voyager...)

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  1. How fun you got to dress up for that wedding! I feel like once you become a mom, reasons to dress up are few and far between! But that's ok, because babies are way better than dressing up :) I always miss my baby when I'm gone from him too! I feel like that's actually a good thing about getting out without him, because then I appreciate him that much more when I see him again!

  2. Thanks Madeline! And agreed, absence makes the heart grow fonder. :)

  3. I love how most of us always go on "family" dates. I honestly love it! You have such a cute family!