Monday, August 29, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: Must have toys

This week for Mommy Style Monday we have the theme of toys!  
 Have you heard of these Indestructible books?  They have all sorts of different ones but the best part if that they are Chew Proof, Rip Proof, Non Toxic and Washable!  How cool is that?!?  We love board books in our house but we love this one for travel and playtime.  (Not that books are really toys....but I still felt the need to include these!😃)
 I will get into some current favorite real toys below, but I had to add these pics of two of little J's favorite things to play with recently.  He loves to rearrange magnets on the fridge (sounds awful I know, but we have lots of these pretty good sized ones that are thin and large (if that makes sense)) and a designated area on the bottom on the fridge for him to put them and move them.  He's 17.5 months old and mostly understands not to put them in his mouth.  I don't recommend the magnets for younger kids at all--but once they are a little older it's lots of fun.  I'm already plotting some letters for him to use next!  He also is in love with his new little tiny frisbee.  He will play peek-a-boo forever with it and just carry it around.  So cute.

Probably like most of your kids, little J has quite the collection of toys (both new ones we got for him or as gifts, and hand-me-downs!) which is awesome!  These are a few of his favorites right now(that may even change tomorrow), even though some are geared toward younger kids than him.  If there is one thing I have learned as a parent, is that you cannot predict what your child will do or like.  Keeps things interesting, right?  ;)

I went ahead and put links to the toys on amazon so you could find the names in case you are interested.  Little J was being a bit of a stinker for that's why I took them on his little toddler table instead of with him modeling them.  It's fun that he is getting old enough to really be able to play with the mega blocks and build things with them.  He got the Thomas Flashlight for his birthday and cannot go a day without carrying it around.  We even took it to Ouray with us.  (Came in handy for us adults too actually!:)  The giraffe popper is not only super cute but so much fun for him!  (Still!!)  This adorable dump truck helps kids learn cause and effect and has the cutest little songs and things it says!  Noah's Ark is of course a big favorite in our house for all of us.  I love that you can illustrate the Bible Story with a Fisher Price toy!  And the gears car is so nice and compact and provides different ways to configure the gears to help little J understand how it works.  

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  1. Cute! I really need those books at my house! I'm excited for when my baby enjoys building things as much as he enjoys destroying things. ;)

    1. Thanks! And that day will come, right? ;) J/K although baby J still loves to destroy likely as much as he builds! :)

  2. Indestructible books?! I need those! My son loves chewing on books and will often rip off a piece... oops. So yes, I need this! Loved your post!

    1. Thanks Kiana! And, seriously, these books have been through everything (even the dishwasher) and still look perfect! :)

  3. I have a few of those books--they're so great! As are the legos. Very popular toy at our house!

  4. Wait... Chew proof AND water proof? Yeah. I need to check those out. Wish they made chatbooks out of that material because, for some reason, my TWO YEAR OLD has this urge to chew on the chatbooks from time to time. 😅 She cracks me up!