Monday, August 1, 2016

Mommy Style Monday: Girls Day Out

I'm so excited to make my first Mommy Style Monday post!

Since moving back to Colorado at the end of last summer, I've had quite a few opportunities to have a Girls Day Out with my Mom and sisters.  Which is pretty rare because I lived in NC for 5 years, and one of my sisters also just moved back in January after living in KY for over 10 years...  Let's just say, we haven't gotten a lot of time to spend together in the last decade.  So this is a super nice change!  We usually have our children, all 12 of them, with us and it makes for a whole lotta fun to be had.

During this rather hot summer, we've enjoyed exploring splash parks, lounging by the pool or hanging out at one of the many lakes in the area together.  It's so nice to be close to family again, and although I know it may not last forever, it is so nice while our kiddos are young and they can grow up with cousins close by.

Since we are usually doing some sort of activity including water, we've been wearing easy things to slip over our bathing suits.  Most recently I've been enjoying a couple of dresses I got off the clearance rack at Old Navy, and this dress pictured below that I just got at Kohl's (on sale) last week.

I love the tiny cap sleeve, print and shape.  It is knit, so it's comfy and easy which are two of my must haves these days as a mom of a toddler, AND I think it's just so cute!  Which is really an added bonus. :)  (Here's a link to the dress, although my print isn't available online apparently.)  As for footwear, you can see these (old,Old Navy) wedges to dress this dress up a bit, but I also will wear it with my Chacos, because, well, they are Chacos and go with everything right? ;)

 Seriously though, I just bought my first pair of Chacos a couple of months ago and they are the most comfortable shoes or sandals I own.  You can wear them in the water, hiking, around town or really doing just about anything!  They have vibram soles and are adjustable.  I got the doubled strapped ones because I think they look a little more feminine, and I chose my favorite color (Dagger is it's name).*

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*This was not a sponsored post, I just linked to my outfit details in case you'd like more info on any piece!


  1. Love that dress! So cute! And Chacos, my husband wants to get a pair for each of us but I have been so hesitant! I'm glad to hear that you like them!

    1. Thanks, and wish I had gotten my chacos sooner. :)

  2. You look lovely! I've always wondered about getting some Chacos! That sounds really fun to be so close to family for the summer, I wish I was!

  3. Chacoooooooos!!!! Seriously. They're the best.
    I always underestimate Old Navy. But at least I'm always pleasantly surprised when I go in since my expectations are lower! They have the cutest clothes for little kids, too!


    1. Thanks! And I feel terrible as me about Old Navy!😃

  4. girls days with moms and sisters are the best! my oldest sister has lived out of state for over 10 years and recently moved back. she is still 3 hours away but comes up often and it is so fun to be able to get together more often. also, i have been living in dresses this whole summer! old navy for the win :)