Monday, August 8, 2016

A week away

So we just got back from an amazing trip to Ouray, CO.  AKA, the Jeep Capitol of the World.  We actually spent about a week there on our Honeymoon 8 years ago, and both of us grew up going there--my family would jeep (four-wheel) and his would hike.   So needless to say, it is always great getting back there and this time did not disappoint.

My parents have been going there every couple of years to do Jeeping, and during the time they would have gone last summer....we ended up moving back to CO.  And my super sweet Mom flew out to help me drive across the country with almost 5 month old little J, so they postponed their 2015 Jeeping trip to 2016 and we decided to go at the same time so we could all Jeep together. (Well, in separate vehicles, but we stayed at the same campground and still got to see each other quite a bit!)

We all had a great time. It had been a while since big J and I had been Jeeping, and this was little J's first time so we eased into the week and due to some rain at the end of the week we cut the Jeeping a little short too.  We still managed to do 5 different trails and get to lots of gorgeous views of wild flowers, mountain peaks and all sorts of just beautiful places in the mountains of Southern Colorado.  It was fun to be with my parents who know that area well and could show us different ghost towns and other places we may have missed otherwise.

It was so great to get away for the week and basically unplug, relax and enjoy activities as a family.  Much needed time to reconnect and enjoy God's beautiful creation!

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