Friday, July 10, 2015

The next phase of our Journey

So, as you may have heard through facebook or us telling you (in person or on the phone) that Jesse has accepted a position in Colorado and we will be moving soon!  It's really been quite a whirl-wind of a summer and year!  First we got on the waiting list for adoptive couples, then we got matched, then we had a placement of baby J and while my parents were still visiting (and we thought that we had heard from all the places Jesse had applied to this round) he got a notice that he was being invited for an interview in Colorado!  Fast forward to this week and he got the official offer letter and accepted it!  What answered prayers!  A great job, at a great institution, in a great city, in a great state, close to most of our family and friends. <3>

While it is very bittersweet to leave North Carolina, the place we have called home for the last five years and all the relationships we have built, we are through the roof excited to be back in Colorado!  Not only do we L.O.V.E. Colorado itself (and the diversity and beauty of God's creation there) but we love that we will be closer to most of our family!   :)

Last week I updated that we would not be able to finalize our adoption of baby J until September.  So, that may mean that Jesse moves out to Colorado with minimal things, and baby J and I stay in NC until we finalize and then we move.  Or if we find out that we all can move together, then we may all be moving (1700 miles) across the country in one month!  Either way, I am trying to go thru and cull things before we move. 

Praise!  We already have secured a great place to live in CO!  We'll be renting from some dear, old friends while we save up for a down payment and find a great place to settle down!   I love to see how God has orchestrated this whole.move already!

Prayer Requests:
-For coordination and logistics (and answers!) about the move itself.
-For us to be able to savor time with our friends and Church family here before we head out.
-For a great new pediatrician in Colorado.  (Really going to miss ours here!)
-For wisdom and patience raising this sweet gift we've been given.
-For rest, grace and patience towards each other.
-For the finalization of our adoption.
-For the remainder of the funds needed cover additional fees and attorney fees.
-For our tax refund to come back soon, (update is that we should hopefully have it by the end of this month--which would be nice!) or for another way to pay back the small loan we had to take out to cover the fees since our refund hadn't come back yet.
Thanks for praying with us!