Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Joy and sadness.

Little J will be 15 weeks old tomorrow.  It's amazing to see how quickly time has gone by since we've had him.  Today it's been 13 weeks since little J was placed with us.  13 weeks of being parents.  13 weeks of realizing how little we knew about raising a little one.  13 weeks together, learning and growing.  13 weeks of our marriage getting closer, our faith getting stronger and our bonds becoming more unbreakable.  13 weeks of ups and downs.  13 weeks that can never be replaced.  13 weeks of my dream job.  13 weeks of seeing this tiny baby grow into a smiling, cooing, interactive and sweet boy.  Highs and lows.  Joy and sadness.

On Saturday we had a special opportunity come up where we photographed a family as they were preparing for their son to enter hospice care.  I have a hard time coming up with words to describe how hard and wonderful that was.  This family had two young children (5.5 and 21 mos.) and they were preparing to say goodbye forever to their little one, yet wanted some pictures.  Our shoot got cut short because the little guy's O2 stats were getting really low, so we headed out and I found out later that he passed a few hours later that day.  I'm so thankful that we got to take some photos that they can hopefully enjoy for years to come of their little family, but at the same time so saddened by the situation.  If you could pray for this family, that would be awesome.

We went to the drive in the other night and had a great time!  It was little J's first movie, and he actually watched part of it!  (I was surprised he didn't sleep through it all!)  While we had wanted to go an earlier weekend to see the new Jurrasic World movie, we ended up there this past weekend when they were showing Inside Out--the new Disney/Pixar flick.  We were glad that it was a kid friendly movie since Jackson was awake for part of it, and we were also impressed with the depth of the movie.  It was very well done and we really enjoyed it.  It all kind of sums up life though ... without sadness (or sorrow) you can't really have joy.

If Christ hadn't come to earth as a lowly human, lived a sinless life and died on the cross for our sins, then we would never be able to be reunited in our relationship with God.  The Man of Sorrows made our joy complete.

Current Prayer Requests:
-For wisdom and patience raising this sweet gift we've been given.
-For rest, grace and patience towards each other.
-For the finalization of this adoption.  (GA court date set for end of August, hopefully we can finalize in early September!)
-For the remainder of the funds needed cover additional fees and attorney fees. 
-For our tax refund to come back soon, (Been waiting 5 months...praying there is no further complication.) or for another way to pay back the small loan we had to take out to cover the fees since our refund hadn't come back yet.

Thanks for praying with us!  

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