Monday, January 26, 2015

We're active!

As you probably already know by this point, we got our Approved Home study back last week!  Then our Adoption Agency received our commitment check (for $2500) and also our home study and we were put on the Active List!!!!!!!  So, the wait has really truly arrived.  It's hard to believe that we could get the call anytime.  Like tomorrow, or next month, or 6 months from now and so on.  Once again, we are SO thankful for each of you and your prayers and support.  We are also once again made very aware of the fact that we are not in control, but we serve the Almighty God who is.  :)

I don't have an exact number for where we are with our fundraising right now....but it is somewhere around $23,000 of the $30,000 needed.  So Praise the Lord we are getting closer each week!!!!  We are applying for several grants/loans this week (since we now have our home study) and we are thinking about doing another pretty big fundraiser.  (We're thinking a dinner...but then we would have to come up with a location, people to help, etc.....Advice or volunteers speak up please! :)

Thanks for reading along, supporting, standing beside, sharing life and praying with us!  We couldn't be more thrilled that we are  getting one step closer to bringing Baby Wilson home!!!

Current Prayer Requests:
-Continued support in saving and raising the remaining $7,000.
-Wisdom as to which grants, loans, etc. to apply for.
-That we continue to grow closer to God and each other through this process.
-For the Birthmother and her baby.
-For all the caseworkers we are/will work with at our agency.
-Patience in the waiting....

Thankful for you,
Juli and Jesse

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