Monday, January 12, 2015

Almost active!

It's a bit belated but Happy New Year!  We had the privilege of driving up to Kentucky to visit my sister and her family over the New Year and we had a great time.  It takes about 9 hours (of driving time, not including gas or food stops) but is totally worth it, because there is really nothing like spending time with family.  We were thankful for nice weather for the drive, and relatively light traffic each direction too.  While we were there we enjoyed the company of my sister, her hubby and their 4 sweet children.  It's always fun to spend time with our nieces and nephews and just watch them learn and grow.  It was bittersweet when it came time to leave...

It was great to see my sis and catch up.  And she was super generous in giving a lot of baby gear!  They gave us their gently used Swing, Bouncy Seat, and Playmat. (or whatever those are really called...I put a few pics below...) They also gave us a few other things including a practically brand new (literally only a year old) car seat!  Praise the Lord!  What another answered prayer!!  Now we are truly ready to load up and then jump in the car to go to GA to get our little one once we get the call!!!  Makes it all the more real!!!!  So thankful!

Same swing, different pattern than ours.
Cute and it matches our theme!
Isn't it fun that it matches our animal theme too?
We did get the word that our lifebook was approved (actually the very next morning after I wrote this post), so we could take advantage of the 40% off and free shipping on shutterfly!  Another answered prayer!  In fact, we already received our copy and I just spoke with our Agency and they got all 25 of theirs too.  Our caseworker was so sweet, because she said when she read our letter (to the expectant parents) that it was so sweet it brought a tear to her eye.  Well, we were ourselves, putting our hearts out there being transparent.  

We got the draft of our Homestudy over the weekend and it looked great!  There were just a couple of minor corrections to be made and we'll offically be able to be in the Active Pool!!!!!  Also, once we have our homestudy we can apply for those grants, etc. that we have been waiting to apply for!  PTL!  It's getting closer!!!

Thanks for reading along, supporting, standing beside, sharing life and praying with us during this crazy at times and exciting at times journey of ours!  We couldn't be more thrilled that we are moving right along and getting one step closer to bringing Baby Wilson home!!!

Current Prayer Requests:
-For our Homestudy to be completed.
-Continued support in saving and raising the remaining $9,000.
-Wisdom as to which grants, loans, etc. to apply for.
-That we continue to grow closer to God and each other through this process.
-For the Birthmother and her baby.
-For all the caseworkers we are/will worth with at our agency.
-Patience in the waiting....

Thankful for you,

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