Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Homestudy here we come!

Wow, a lot has happened since I updated last!  We successfully got a new printer on the night of Thanksgiving--so thankful for the people working that night!  (Who knew I'd ever patron a store then....)  Jesse successfully mailed the application to Open Door on that Friday ensuring the application fee would be waived!  (Saved=$300!!)  Then we got two different fingerprints done last week and got our homestudy app into the local agency.  We also applied to get our state and local clearances for here and Colorado.  Late last week we got the email from Open Door that accepted us into the African American Domestic Infant Program!  Woohoo!!  Witht hat email we also got the second round of paperwork.

We are currently working on our autobiographies for our homestudy agency which we will hopefully get done tonight!  We have our first (of two) home visits this Sunday afternoon!  While we are nervous, I think we will be ready for it!  So excited this is actually happening!!!  At times, I find it hard to believe, then I look through my email and see it. really. is. happening!  Praise the Lord!!!    

Here's an updated prayer request list below.  Thanks for praying with us!
-That we get our autobios done soon.
-That our house is ready for the first home visit.
-For our Homestudy, particularly the first home visit.
-That we continue to save and raise the remaining $9,500.
-That we continue to grow closer to God and each other through this process.
-For the birthmother and baby.
-For the caseworkers who we will work with on our Home Study and those at our Adoption Agency.

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