Monday, November 17, 2014

Two weeks from today...

We will hopefully be turning in our paperwork in just two short weeks!  We still have 26 pieces of our Puzzle Fundraiser to sell which should definitely help us get to our goal of getting to $20,000 before turning in our papers.  If my calculations are right, we are currently at $19,393!  So praise the Lord!  

If you had asked me when we started saving and fundraising if I thought it would be going this fast, I would have said no, but God has definitely shown me that I was wrong.  :)  Thank for all the generous donations, thoughtful words, encouragement and prayers!  We still could use more of each of those as we are at 64.6% of the way funded for our adoption.  Turning in those papers will be a huge step but there will still be a (potentially rather long) wait and then more funds needed still.

We are praying BIG.  We believe God has put adoption, and raising children on both of our hearts for a reason and that we will be parents someday soon.  We pray that the rest of the funding is available by the time we need it.  We are praying that it doesn't take 18 months after we turn our paperwork in before we get to bring our little one home.  We pray that birth mothers choose life for their children.  We're praying for lots of other details and things too, but I just thought I'd share a few right now.

We did take some photos of us for use in our adoption paperwork and also for Christmas cards.  Here's a couple of my faves:

The other day my sister sent me this quote, which I had seen before but just love:

"Adoption is when a child grows in its Mommy's heart instead of her tummy."

Please pray with us:
-For those getting ready to adopt, contemplating adoption, who have been adopted and those who have not yet found a forever home or may not.  November is National Adoption Month.
-For time to complete the paperwork before our deadline.
-For the rest of the money for our adoption.  Thankful we are almost 65% of the way there, but we still need 35% more.
-For the caseworkers who we will work with on our Home Study and those at our Adoption Agency.
-For our marriage to grow closer to God and each other.
-For our baby, who may not yet be more than a twinkle in an eye.

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