Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hi friends!

Happy Thanksgiving!  We have much to be thankful for always, but this year is taking the cake!  We are so thankful for Jesus Christ--without His life, death and resurrection there wouldn't be a reason to rejoice ever.

We are thankful for our family!  Although the closest members are over 500 miles from us currently, we still have a bond that is inseparable and we are so thankful for each of them!

We are thankful for our friends, both those we've known a long time, short time, whether we've seen you this week, month, year or lifetime.  You are loved and we're thankful for you!

We are thankful for our Church!  It's been great to see it grow over the last few months.  It's encouraging to see the gospel lived out and preached every Sunday and every day inbetween.

We are thankful for our jobs.  I love that Jesse gets to do what he enjoys and learn more about it for the future.  I love that I get challenged everyday and get to build relationships with people!  How cool is that?!?

We are thankful for the $20,000 that together with you we saved and raised over these last 9 months.  We are thankful for you who donated money, donated time to help with our fundraisers, wrote  thoughtful and encouraging notes and of course the prayer warriors.  We know we didn't do this alone, and we have a puzzle to remind us of that!

We are thankful that our paperwork is almost completely done for the applications for our Homestudy and Adoption Agency.  Our printer broke today and we were unable to get fingerprinted yesterday, but the Lord still has His hand in it.  He's just teaching patience along the way!  And Praise the Lord that we'll still be able to get our Application into our Adoption Agency in time to get the fee waived for National Adoption Month!!! (Saving us $300!!)  We just have to get our application printed and postmarked by the end of the month!  (Prayers that we find a printer tonight, or that I stay calm enough to wait until morning when Jesse can take it to Fedex while I'm at work.....)

We are thankful for good food.  #turkeyday  And family recipes passed down!

What are you thankful for?

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