Sunday, November 23, 2014

Seasons and some other random thoughts

Hi friends and family,

It is with a very joyful heart that we write this update.  We only have 10 pieces of our 400+ piece puzzle left to sell. (Details here.)  We continue to be overwhelmed by the generosity of our family, friends and acquaintances!  God has been working mightily to get us to our first goal before turning in paperwork on the 1st of December.  :)

I've been reminded a few times lately that while we are excited to enter the stage of growing our family, this current season we are in is a sweet one.  I never want to take for granted the Star Trek-a-thons we have on weekend afternoons, sleepy Sunday mornings we sometimes have (if we're not serving at Church because the service doesn't start till 10am), the spontaneous dates we go out on after I get off work on Saturday afternoons whether it's just riding our bikes as much as we want or driving around town looking for the perfect ________.  I love those moments.  I love all our moments.  Even those ones that aren't so perfect.  The ones where I misunderstood something you said and took it the wrong way and may or may not have overreacted.  I love you my husband.  I love all the time we get to spend together even when it's not much at all.  I love it when you make me lattes in the mornings.  I love it when you fill my car with gas.  This really is a sweet season and I don't want to miss out on it because I'm so excited to get to the next one.  Don't get me wrong.  I am excited for the next one.  But these 6.5 years that we've been married is creating a great foundation for the rest of the seasons of our lives.  Now, what God has joined together not be separated.

We went to see Hunger Games:  Mockingjay Part 1 last night with some friends.  We don't usually go to the movies.  Like maybe once a year or so, but usually we wait until it is on Prime or maybe Redbox to watch the newer releases.  Anyway, we had just finally watched Catching Fire last Sunday on Amazon Prime because it was free, so that worked out quite nicely.  It's kind of funny though, because I was SO adamantly opposed to the Hunger Games when the books and then first movie came out.  I thought it was so awful that it was about a bunch of killing and it was teens getting killed and killing.  I couldn't think of anything worse really.  But then something changed my heart a little when we saw the first one.  Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of killing.  Teen killing.  It's gruesome and awful and gives me nightmares, but it's not really much different than the world we live in.  We live in this fallen world where bad thigns happen.  And when I watched the first Hunger Games I realized what everyone liked so much about it.  It wasn't about the killing, and the blood.  It's about the relationships, the people who you grow fond of.  Anyway, the first one is still probably my favorite so far, but the more I process what all happened last night on the big screen I think Mockingjay might become my fave.  It's only violence is warlike, which is much less graphic than the first too for one....

Our Church just ended a (10 week?) series last Sunday on the book of Judges.  If you had asked me before it started what I thought of that, I would have had a much different reaction than I do now that it is over.  Like most of us, I had read Judges before but never put much though into I suppose.  During the series our Pastor dove right in to pull out the richness of the stories.  He brought out the humor, the tragedy, the happiness, the grief, everything to do with what happens when people follow their hearts and just do what is "right in their own eyes".

Last week was particularly a sad sermon because it went through the last 2-3 chapters of Judges, and I will spare you the details.  The whole book of Judges has the same thing happening though.  The people do what they want, then decide they need a king, God raises up a judge/king and it works for a while and then the judge fails.  Over and over and over.  It's not because God chose the wrong person for the job, it's because people are always going to fail.  We are simply incapable of not failing.  We lie, we cheat, we steal, we worship idols and the list goes on.  What Judges does offer is a little glimpse of the perfect king who was yet to come.  We as people need a king, but not one of this world.  We need a greater, perfect, steadfast loving King.  In about a month we will celebrate the birth of that King, Jesus Christ.

We enter this week of Thanksgiving with grateful heart to everyone who has prayed with us, cried with us, celebrated with us, supported us and contributed to our adoption.  We couldn't do it without our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ or the help of all of you.  Thank you.

Please pray with us...
-For time to complete the paperwork before our deadline.
-For our marriage to grow closer to God and each other.
-For the rest of the money for our adoption.  Thankful we are almost 67% of the way there, but we still need the other 33% more.
-For the caseworkers who we will work with on our Home Study and those at our Adoption Agency.
-For our baby, who may not yet be more than a twinkle in an eye.

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