Sunday, November 2, 2014

60% of the way there!

So we've continued to be extremely blessed with generous friends who give us baby things as well as other support and donations toward our baby fund!  We are now at just over $18,000 which is almost to our $20,000 goal for turning in paperwork on the 1st of December!  Overall, we are at $18,000 of $30,000 which is: 60% of the way to being completely funded!!!!  Praise the Lord!!!!!

We only have 29 more pieces of our puzzle to sell, so as long as we sell those before we turn in our paper work and we save like we have been we should get to that $20,000.  After we are home studied we can apply for grants (and zero interest loans if need be) for the deficit in funds.  I'm praying big though.  I'm praying that we won't have to go into any debt for this whole adoption.  Since the Lord put this on our hearts before we had even met, and brought us to this timing where we have no debt (well, except student loans but no cars or credit cards)...I'm praying that we can raise and save the money to do this totally debt free.

We started the actually paperwork this week and really made a lot of headway with it.  Of course a few things left us with more questions than answers, but overall it's encouraging to have it started! :)

I've been nesting some more around the house in preparation for our little one, although I still have yet to totally decide on the nursery arrangement...not that we have everything for it yet anyway...  Here are a couple of things I've done lately....  the top one is for the nursery and was still wet when I took a photo!  ha!  And then those are the washer/dryer we bought when we got married.  I had been thinking of either painting them with chalkboard paint or something for a while but then I found this fabulous chevron contact paper (didn't know they still made it!) and viola!  Protected and spiced up!

Prayer Requests below.  Thanks for praying big with us!
-For my sprained neck to heal quickly and completely.
-For time to complete the paperwork before our deadline.
-For the rest of the money for our adoption.  Thankful we are 60% of the way there, but we still need 40% more.
-For the caseworkers who we will work with on our Home Study and those at our Adoption Agency.
-For our marriage to grow closer to God and each other.
-For our baby, who may not yet be more than a twinkle in an eye.
-For those getting ready to adopt, contemplating adoption, who have been adopted and those who have not yet found a forever home or may not.

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