Saturday, September 20, 2014

Steady wins the race!

So, our Spirit Night is in just two days!  Please come eat dinner at Chick-fil-A at Renaissance Village between 5-8pm on Monday Sept. 22nd.  Here's the original post about it with more info.

Jesse's been out of town since Monday, (actually out of the country) at a conference.  My mom was sweet enough to come and hang out with me while he's been gone.  We even got a few days where we snuck (is that even a word?) off to the Outer Banks for some relaxation.  Ok, we actually climbed two lighthouses (Bodie and Hatteras) which were pretty strenuous, especially for those like me who are terrified of heights!  But we had a great time exploring and enjoying the coast!  Love those Outer Banks!  

So thankful for my sweet Mom and our time together.  I'm pretty sure this was the last little trip we'll have just the two of us, so we packed it full of sights and climbs.  Next time, we'll **hopefully** have  little one in tow!   My Mom (and Dad) got us the cutest little first outfits, receiving blankets and more for our baby, this week.  Making it all the more real!  So excited to see their sweet little face! 

As for the puzzle, slow and steady wins the race right?  We have just 103 pieces left to sell.  If you'd like to know more about our Puzzle Adoption Fundraiser check out this post about it.  Thank you again to everyone who has contributed!  We are so thankful for your thoughtfulness, prayers and donations!  

Prayer Requests at this time: 

-For the Lord to continue to grant us patience throughout the adoption process.
-For the rest of the funding for this step, and the final amount needed for our adoption.
-For the Birthmother and unborn baby.  Although he/she may not even be conceived yet, God knows which baby will be ours.  (Psalm 139:13 For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.)-For our marriage, that we will continue to grow in our relationship with God and each other throughout this process.
-For our family, as they also prepare for a new addition.

Sidenote about Adoption Language.  Here's a handy chart that I think some of you might find helpful when reading our updates about our adoption.  (Or others)

Negative Terms
Preferred Terms
Gave up her child for adoption
Placed her child for adoption
Real parent; natural parent
Birth parent, biological parent
Adoptive parent
His adopted child
His child
Born to unmarried parents
Child who was adopted
To keep
To parent
Adoptable child; available child
Waiting child
Foreign adoption
International adoption
Track down parents
Unwanted child
Child placed for adoption
Is adopted
Was adopted
Taken from:

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