Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Spirit Night and more

We continue to be pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed with our friends and family and how God uses each of them!  Whether it is a sweet note of encouragement, Bible verses, advice and resources, contributions, prayers or a combination of all of those we are making to our goal, and couldn't be more thankful!  We now only have 117 pieces of our puzzle left to sell.  Thank you so much!!

We're continuing to do photo sessions, tutoring and voice lessons to help raise money for our adoption as well!  If you, or anyone you know, are interested in any of the above please let us know!

Details for our Spirit Night at Chick-fil-A!
When:  Monday Sept. 22nd from 5-8pm
Where:  Chick-fil-A at Renaissance Village, 7836 Leonardo Dr, Durham, NC
Why:  To help raise money for our Domestic Infant Adoption!
How:  Eat inside or come through the drive-thru between 5-8pm and mention that you are there for our Adoption Fundraiser before you pay!  That's it! 

 If you are in the Durham area, please come to Chick-fil-A at Renaissance Village between 5-8pm on Monday August 22nd and while you are ordering please mention that you are there to support our Adoption Spirit Night!  It's easy peasy and then we will get a portion of the sales that we bring in during our time slot!  Win-win situation!  J and I will be there for most of the night at least too!  There may even be a special guest!  (not telling who!  But you can try to guess!!)

Thanks for your encouragement!  Please come to our Spirit Night if you are in the area, and tell your friends about it too!  Great food, great service and helps our Adoption!!  :)

Cute little image I found the other day...

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