Friday, July 18, 2014

Encouragment along the way

J has been gone all week.  In fact, he's getting back in just about an hour.  I'm so thankful for the sweet friends who've spent a lot of time with me this week while he has been gone!  I love how God just puts people in your life to brighten your day, or week, or month ....(or I could go on forever...:)

Anyway, I am so excited for J to get home!  I sound like such a wimp because I miss him so much after he's been gone about a week, and I think of the people who spouses work crazy hours (Nurses, Doctors, Firefighters, Police, etc...) or in the Military and might be gone for weeks, or months at a time.  I just truly have a lot of respect for those people.  Because it's got to be really hard!

Just since I wrote the update on here the other day, we've had so many people give us encouragment in many different ways.  I've truly been overwhelmed by all the questions, comments, thoughts, prayers and conversations this week.  It's been especially nice timing since I'm missing my other half.

I saw this quote today and had to share it here. I love the perspective!  I googled it to try to find the origin but to no avail.

"Adoption...Not a second choice, a fallback option, or because you can't have "your own". But wholly believing you are seeking to bring home the very child God created with you and your home in mind, fully equipping you to be the very parent He created you to be."

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