Monday, July 21, 2014

Announcing our Adoption Puzzle Fundraiser!!!!

We're excited to announce that we are doing an Adoption Puzzle Fundraiser!  While we are still picking out the perfect 400 piece puzzle for our little one's room   we wanted to go ahead let you all know about it!  

Here are the details:

- 332 pieces of the puzzle left*
- $25 per piece, and you may purchase as many pieces as you would like!
- Each piece will have the name of the person/family who purchased it written on the back.

The easiest way to pay is through our "Donate" link to the right which goes thru PayPal.  Or you can write us a check  If we successfully sell each piece by the end of Dec. 2014, we'll raise $10,000 towards our adoption and be able to start the actual adoption process!!!  And another great part is that we'll hang this special, love filled puzzle in our baby's room and be able to show him/her all of the people who helped bring them home!  

*If you have already donated to our adoption fund, we are writing your names on the backs of the pieces you've already "paid" for.  

Thanks again for helping us bring our baby home!