Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Long time, no see!  There's a reason I'll share tomorrow, as to why I want to pick blogging back up, but for now I just want to update y'all on a few things.

Life has been kind of crazy these last few months.  Lots of changes.  Lots of work.  Lots of Love.  Lots of family.  Some travel.  Some rest.  Some stress.  Some sadness.  Lots of blessings.

J did get that fellowship he applied for a couple years ago. In fact, he just finished the renewal for it.  He's still busy with research and mentoring.  Also, kind of just waiting on God to lead us to where he wants us.  I've actually become the Marketing Director at that great company moved to 1.5 years ago and I love it!  This job has been the best, and seriously such a blessing from the Lord!  Love the people I work with, the guests and just everything about it!  We also started a little Photography business on the side since I last posted here.  I have a few voice students that I teach, and Jesse continues to rock at fixing things up at home!

This past weekend I took J out of town for the weekend for his Birthday!  (He just turned 33!)  We went down to Charlotte because we'd never been there before.  I found the cutest little B&B to stay at, and it was just perfect.  Great food, sweet hostess and nice guests!  We even all prayed over the meals each morning.  (not something you see everyday! but how refreshing!)

The pic above is from the Billy Graham Library (museum) where we spent about 4.5 hours exploring.  It was incredible to see how God used this man and still continues to do so.  If only we were all so obedient to our calling the Lord has given us.

We also went to IKEA.  That place is full of ideas for organization.  I just love it!  Even though it is a bit overwhelming at times!  We got somethings to help organize our kitchen, bathroom and a cube storage bookcase type thing to use as a partial room divider and for storage.  We also found this bed frame with drawers that we were going to get instead of the other things...but we measure the Jeep and it just wouldn't fit. :(  Sadly...if we were just going across town it would have been fine.  But since we had to travel about 3 hours home on the interstate we just couldn't risk it.  Maybe one day...

They have a huge Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World at Concord Mills which was really cools but a total knockoff of Cabela's if you ask me,....  Concord Mills was huge and we only stayed there a bit.  We did also find a Garden Ridge that we found a couple of items for our home in too!  Love that place!

We found some other fun things while we were away but those were some of the highlights.  It's always nice to getaway, celebrate a Birthday and recharge!  I sure do love that man of mine! <3 p="">

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