Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall in the Smokey Mountains and a Wedding!

So, October 27th was the day of our friends E & D's Wedding!!!  It was up at Castle Ladyhawke in the Mountains of North Carolina.  So we made a little trip out of it and had a great time!  Here are some pics!
Our first glimpse of the Castle.  Wow, it's gorgeous!
Stepping through the front doors and into the great? room.  This is where the Bridal Party ate dinner and once it was cleared, also where we ate cake and danced.
Part of the view off the higher balcony/deck.
More of the view off the higher balcony/deck.
Heading down the stairs to the Ceremony.
Since everyone seemed to be snapping photos, I took one during the ceremony.  Gorgrous couple and scenery!
The newlyweds!  I love how sweetly he was helping her up the stairs!
A view of more of the backside of the castle, from the lower deck.
Pretty curved Castle walls on the end of the castle.
Some flowers...
A little perspective....
End of the castle (where the ceremony had taken place earlier.)
Most of the length of the back of the Castle.
A Tudor (?) little shed.  Cute huh?
Just loved this place...this one adove and this one below are the other end of the Castle.
The Wedding Cake!  It was made by E's favorite baker in her hometown--the guy who has made every Birthday cake for her and her sisters.
A glimpse into the spiral staircase up the front tower!
A glance down the hallway in the front of the house.  As much as I loved the outside of the Castle, the inside left something to be desired (in my opinion)...the dark wood floors were pretty though.
More of the front...
The happy couple getting pics taken by that cute shed!
Soooo pretty...
And big...and close....
Hard to get whole castle in one pic...
I loved the fact there were about 15 balconies and decks....ok...maybe only 5 or 6...:)
Cutting the cake.
After the wedding we stayed the night in Cherokee at a KOA.  In fact, it's in the Smokies and is HUGE!  I think the biggest campground I've ever seen or thought of!  And we have done a lot of camping/trailering in my life!  J and I opted for a Koa Kozy Kamping Kabin because we knew we'd get in while it was dark...and didn't want to set up a tent that late.  (Plus I think we would have frozen...)

The next day we tours some of Smokey Mountain National Park!  It was SO gorgeous with all the fall colors!
I think that every park/photo opp should have these!  SO handy!  I mean, we do have tripods, but it's SO nice to just set your camera on here, set the timer and run to take the pic instead of the hastle of the pods.... 
At the Occonlauffte Vistor Center we found some brouchures about the park AND some chickens. So cute. :)
They also had a Mountain Farm Museum that we toured.  I love the Smokeys because of all the clouds (smoke appearance), Sunday morning was no exception. Lots of low clouds!
Gourds birdhouses at the Mtn. Museum.
This is an old Apple House, where they would store apples.  The mountains of NC are the perfect climate for many varieties of apples in fact.  So this was a staple in the farmers diets.  Yum!
We made a little friend along the way. :)
I love, love, love these hinges.  I really think I want some in our house (someday house!).
Rooster.  We heard him in the morning (around 6 after we'd gotten up) but it was still dark, I think he was confused...  Pretty bird though.
This above is a picture of the Turbine used to run the Mingus Mill in the National Park.  They still use this mill daily to make whole wheat flour and corn meal.  The sweet little old men running (probably volunteers) were so helpful.
Pretty waterfall from part of the water structure of the Mingus Mill.
Little pink flowers, and my hubby's glove. <3 p="p">
Mingus Mill.  (And my interpretation of it.)
Walking Tunnel up Lakeview Road in the National Park.  Used to be used for cars, not anymore.  Not too sure why....
Fall colors.  Love em!
Juney Whank Falls.
We were going to see a few more falls but ran out of time...plus it was getting colder and rainer (from the impending Hurricane Sandy)...and my shoes and socks were soaked, J's jacket starting seeping water through to his clothes...and we were ready to be off to lunch and then home...(around 2:30pm)
More fall colors, as seen from the Blue Ridge Highway between Smokey Mountain National Park and Asheville.

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