Sunday, September 30, 2012

How is it already the end of September?

Perhaps the biggest understatement of the year.  Alas, it is true though.  Tomorrow we'll be in October and fall will really be in full swing!

Well, a lot happened in August and September around here!

My Mom came out to visit in August and we had a great time catching up.  J, my Mom and I got to sneak down to the coast for a couple days and checked out Cape Lookout!  Wowers, super beautiful and peaceful down there.  We definitely want to visit there again!  I have now see all of the Lighthouses in North Carolina up close and in person except for Old Baldy that I saw from afar.  J has seen all of them but Currituck (and Old Baldy up close) and my Mom has seen all of them but Ocracoke (and Old Baldy up close).  So that's pretty a major accomplishment!  Cape Lookout may be my favorite though...the island doesn't have any residents except for the light-keeper.  No vehicles are allowed (except some 4 wheel-drive beaches) and you have to take a ferry to get there. (And by ferry I mean a little speed boat that holds like 10-15 people, not a people/car ferry people usually think of.)

I had a bit of a back injury/flareup and had to go to Physical Therapy for the entire months of August and September.  My official last PT appt.  was the 26th of September and it sure feels good to feel good again!  :)

I quit my job, and moved to a company where they focus on integrity and stewardship who can also give me better (earlier) hours which allows me more time to teach Voice Lessons!  Win - win! (pardon the run on sentence, it's getting late here and wanted to update...)  There are also places to move up in this company AND it's super close to where we live.  Like compare a 2 mile commute to a 9 mile commute to a whole different city!  So happy and blessed by this change! :)

We got to go up and visit my sister and her sweet family in KY at the beginning of September!  It was a pretty short trip but we really made the most of it!  It'd been 9 months since we'd seen them and they won't be able to make it out to CO for Christmas so it was extra special that we got to see them in September.  Wish we could see them more, and our whole family too...

J is doing well.  He's been busy researching, writing, taking a couple of online courses and mentoring lately.  I'm such a blessed woman, to have such a great family, set of friends and hubby. :)

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