Monday, May 28, 2012

When dreams start to become reality....

A few weeks ago I saw an ad for a female lead singer for a country band.  J happened to be out of town at a conference, so when I talked to him that night I asked him what he thought of it.  He was very supportive about inquiring about I did.  I almost immediately got a reply from the band asking for more info about me.  Then, I didn't hear from them for another week.  I had already given up hope (yes I give up quickly sometimes, I think it's a self preservation thing...) so I was quite pleasantly surprised when I got a message asking me to set up an audition time.  As it turns out they had an overwhelming response to their ad and it took a while to get through all the emails, phone calls, etc...but they had narrowed it down to 3 people and I was their first pick.  So they wanted to audition me first.  The audition was supposed to be last Thursday but then one of the band's family members was rushed to the hospital, so now it's been rescheduled for this Thursday.  :)  I realize that if it's meant to be, it will be.  But I am just super excited about this opportunity!

Funny thing happened on Thursday tho.  Since I was supposed to have the audition, I had taken my guitar into work with me.  (90+degrees and humidity=no good for guitar in car)  No one really said anything about it (or probably noticed it) on the way in.  But on my way out, I ran into a couple of the head management team members.  They were surprised to find out that I not only play guitar but sing (and have a degree in Music).  They asked my why I had never told them, and while I wanted to say "because you never asked" I didn't.  :)  To make the rest of that potentially long story shorter, they offered to pay me (a musician's wage, not just an hourly employee wage) on certain Saturdays throughout the rest of the year for a couple of hours.  I told them that my hubby plays too, and that he could accompany me, or we both could play and/or sing and stuff too.  And they were up for that.  So, now we just have to decide on which dates we'd like to do it.  The funny thing, that that in one hour we'll make more than I do in a whole day normally at my job.  (sad but cool huh?)  So, yeah, we'll be taking them up on their offer for sure AND I'm super excited about it.  A great way to get experience, make some more money and get my name (really our names) out there!  :)

It's SO interesting to see how God works things.  If I'd never seen that ad for the band, I'd never taken my guitar to work, and they wouldn't have found out (now at least) that I am musically inclined.

And I also have a potential gig for a wedding in the fall too...which is also awesome. :) (because I brought my guitar to work...perhaps I should more....jk ;)

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