Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blessings and Struggles

Well, it's been such an eventful last month or so around here.  I don't think I officially said it on here yet, but J attended and presented at a conference in Cali last month.  While he was there he won an award and another amazing opportunity--to give a talk in Germany this summer!  So congrats again to him!

Then it's been a little rough around my work lately.  I'm exhausted physically, emotionally and spiritually right now.  I can't really disclose more than that, but if you wouldn't mind keeping me and that whole situation in your prayers I'd appreciate it!

Then, I did our taxes today.  I like to do them early, usually just to get them out of the way, but for some reason I felt like i had to do them today.  I don't really know why, or what came over me, but I did.  I spent my entire afternoon doing them.  I just worked 6 days in a row and now I spent my afternoon off doing taxes.  But at least they are done.

They took me more time than ever because I like checked them a million times...and after getting quite the refund last year.  We owe almost that entire amount this year.  I was so disappointed because it was the entire amount of the potential plane ticket that I could buy to go to Europe with J this summer....  I'm super glad we had the money to pay the taxes at once, but still a little disheartened over the whole thing.  :(  Needless to say, we'll be changing our withholding to hopefully ensure that doesn't happen again next year....

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