Sunday, February 5, 2012

Birthday Board

So, I just recently got into Pinterest--thanks to my Mom!  It's this online "pin board" and it's just great!  I saw this idea for a birthday board last week, and I just finished ours tonight!  I did it all myself with the except of a little more than half of the drilling of holes in the wooden disks because the dremel I was using died and J was happy to lend a hand with the big drill.
Sweet hubs holding it up for the pic.  (wanted to wait for the  paint to dry 24 hours before putting the mounting hardware on the back.)

I think this is such a cute way to remember birthdays of loved ones and it's a cute decorative piece too.  AND it's rotating...well sort of...I mean, you never have to change the page or anything.  Which if you know me...I have a bit of a hard time remembering to turn the pages of a calendar until like the 30th of each month.  So this is perfect!  :)  Oh and I can add more disks to it anytime a new addition arrives!

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