Wednesday, September 21, 2011

It was an accident

I don't know if you all heard (I know my Mom and Dad know because they were visiting me when it happened) but I was in an accident on Monday evening.  I could go on to explain what happened but it really doesn't matter much how or what happened.  Because at the end of the day, it just doesn't matter.

I rear-ended a car (and obviously didn't mean to) and even though it was at super low speed it did a little bit of damage to the other car and quite a bit to mine.  I'm fine and so was the other person involved. (Thankfully!) We called the Police about it and no one was issued a citation--which was a blessing.

But I got the estimate of damage to my car, and it'll be at least $1300 to repair could be more because once they open the hood they'll know more...  Anyway, I just feel so stupid and like such an awful driver now. It's just embarrassing. You know what I mean?  I obey the laws.  I always wear my seatbelt.  I am alert and attentive when driving.  I am a defensive driver.  I do my best not to speed, although sometimes I do go 5 over the speed limit.  I do my best to be the best driver I can be.  And, well, I failed.  I just wish that I could go back and change that mere second that it took to cause all that damage.  I mean, who wants to ride around in a vehicle with someone who just rear-ended someone else?  I don't even want to...but I don't have a choice because it's me. :(

I just wish I could wish it all away.  But alas, this is real life not a storybook and I have to deal with the consequences of my actions.  And no matter how "good" or careful of a driver I usually am...accidents happen.  And I caused one.  I should just be more thankful for the fact that I didn't injure anyone or hurt myself.  And I should also be thankful for the fact that my husband and I have pretty great insurance and will only have to pay a small deductible for all those repair bills for my car.

Although, I was informed but the insurance estimator that {pretty much guarenteed} my rates will go up because of the cost of the repairs (for both vehiciles) and because it was an "at fault" accident even though I didn't get a ticket......  So I suppose I will be paying for it for the rest of my life really...

I just need to make sure I take this experience and have it make me a better driver.

I'm so glad that I don't have to worry about measuring up for eternity.  Because obviously I would fail every time.  I can't even have a perfect driving record, let alone a perfect life.  Jesus did it all, for it is all to Him I owe.  For sin had left a crimson stain, and He washed it white as snow...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A visit with the newest member of our family

We've had a great (and quite busy) week!  Last Saturday we drove up to KY to visit my sis (and her fam) to see her newest addition!  A was just as precious as the baby we'd seen in the photos and such a joy to hold.  It was so nice to see my sister and her -now- family of 5!  My parents were also visiting, so it was nice to catch up with them as well!

One of my favorite things about newborns is their sweet little hands and feet.  Here's a snapshot of A's little feet. Love em.  She's really just the most beautiful baby I've ever seen--although I suppose I may be a little biased since she's related...but seriously, she's precious!  Congrats again to D &J!  And thanks again for letting us visit and share time with your family!!

J had to drive back down to NC on Monday for work, but I got to stay until Wednesday which was nice.  My parents were kind enough to bring me back to NC and also stay for a visit!  J flew out to give a seminar at a College in the middle of the week.  Then the four of us (J, my parents and I) went down to the Southport/Oak Island area of NC for the weekend and had a nice time too.....