Sunday, July 17, 2011

We love picnics!

As you probably already know, we love picnics!  :)  So, today after Church we took a picnic lunch over to the Duke Gardens.  We hadn't visited in July yet, so it was fun to see what was in bloom.  (Although it's always just beautiful there anyways...I love that place! :)  

They are {apparently} doing some construction in the gardens, so we were unable to walk done the main path (as you can tell from the photo) but they did have a temporary path next to it to go down.  
My favorite trees are in bloom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 A view of the terraced garden.  Notice anything different or off in the pic?!?
 A better view of the terraces.  You can still see what I was talking about in the above photo.  It's the pots of plants in the pond!  LOL  I thought they were funny....because in the other ponds the lily pads just grow in the ground...not in pots...  :)
 And I had some fun with my {still rather new} camera!  :)  Proof that you don't need a DSLR to get pics like this!  (I still want one, and am currently accepting donations though!)
 We saw some flutterbys...
 Some of my favorite flowers...  I didn't realize they sometimes hang upside down...
 More of my fav flowers.  Too bad the path went along their backside though.  Oh well, I hadn't really seen them from this angle before.  :)
 We saw some little frogs that made silly noises like rubber band guitars.
 And we even saw some tadpoles (that I couldn't get a pic of because they were too deep) and some tadpoles like this (pic below) undergoing metamorphosis.  Cool huh?!?!?!
We had a great picnic and time exploring more of the gardens and its creatures!!  :)

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