Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A trip to the mall

Today was my day off and I had a few errands to run.  While I was out and about I decided to stop at the mall and look for a few things I have been needing/wanting.  (Need: more shirts and another pair of comfy shoes for work.  Want: a new tankini top)  So, I went to a few stores and tried on a few tankini tops without much luck.  I'd like the style and they wouldn't have my size, or vice versa....  I didn't manage to find any good deals on shirts or shoes for work at all though.  But at my last stop (JCPenney's) I found more options there than anywhere else for swimwear.  Plus they had the best deals!  So, I got a tankini top like this:  
I think my favorite part is that it can go with my black or coral skirted bottoms!  Well, that and the fact that I think it's cute!  Plus, it's a Liz Claiborne and originally like $50 and I got it for like $15!  That's Wally world prices for a brand name suit!!  :)

I also had a first today.  I ate lunch out by myself.  I have heard that it's something you're supposed to do at least once before you die.  And I never had...because it's kind of scary...  But today I ate lunch at the mall by myself.  I didn't exactly mean to do it either.  I just kind of got carried away runnign errands and shopping and before I knew it, it was 1pm and I was starving...and at the mall....and still not done looking around.  So, I did it.

I purchased some yummy pizza and a drink.

And sat down.

And ate.

And people watched.

And ate some more.

And before I knew it, I was done and ready for more shopping.  :)  The only think I regret is that I could have gotten Dippin' Dots (because I was shopping at Southspoint mall for once!) as a snack instead of eating lunch then...but didn't think of it until I'd already sat down with my pizza....  :(  Oh well, there is always next time!  :)

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