Sunday, July 10, 2011

Great deals!

So, we recently visited A Southern Season for some shopping because it's their big inventory sale.  This year's theme is "the greatest sale on earth" and wow, it's great!  Everything in the entire store is on sale!  I think things are like 10-90% off too!  So there are really some great deals!  :) I found a few things that I couldn't seem to live without.
Like these adorable retro lanterns.  They had been $11 each originally but I got them for $2.75 each.  I just need to find a great spot for them.  I am thinking somewhere inside for most of the time and then we can take them outside if we're hanging out, out there.  :)
And we found this bottle sleeve by Built.  It was 1/2 price!  We'd been thinking of getting at least one of these (or something like it) because it'd some in handy for our stainless steel water bottles on hikes and stuff.  So, when I saw this half price we just had to get it!  Can't wait to get a chance to use it.  :)

Everything is going well here on our end.  J is busy as usual and still enjoying his research, and I'm still enjoying my --not so new anymore-- job!  Today, we're also reminded of how thankful we are for our Church home here in NC! :)

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  1. Cute lanterns!!! Hey, could you pick up a couple of those bottle sleeves for us? Thanks. I'll pay you back, of course...