Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A day trip to the beach!

You know, one of the coolest (and I mean coolest!) things about living in North Carolina, and specifically the Research Triangle, is that it's within a few hours of the beach.  And by beach, I mean the real kind of beaches -- the ocean beaches!!!!!!!  :)  So yeah.  It's pretty sweet.  So when I had to work almost the entire Holiday weekend of the 4th, it was handy that we live SO close to the beach, because we could just go there for a day! :)

We left around 6:30 in the morning on Sunday July 3rd and headed out to the Wilmington area of NC.  There are several beaches in that area and we found that Kure Beach is our personal fave!  (and one of the least busy!!:)  We had a great time at the beach and at lunch in a forested area of Pleasure Island (where Carolina, Kure and Fort Fisher beaches are all located).  Hope y'all had a great 4th too!  Here are some pics of our time at the beach!  :)

Our lunch spot at Carolina Beach State Park.

A boardwalk up to Kure Beach.
J placing our umbrella in the ground.

First dip.  The water was super warm and delightful!  :)

A little blurry...but it still shows some really tiny seashells kinda.

Does this ring any bells for anyone??!!??!!  Yep, it's the kite that J used to propose to me 4 years ago! :)  So naturally, we had to take it (and fly it) on our day at the beach! :)

Panoramic view from our spot on the beach.  Not too crowded.  And there was a pier pretty close that sold ice cream cones.  So, we got some cones later in the afternoon to help us cool off!  :)  

Pretty sand.  Pretty ocean.  Random people. Birdie flying. And a lifeguard. :)

Sea Oats.  You know, these are endangered.  I just found that out before we left...

We parked off of J Ave.   Quite fitting huh?  :)
 We had a great time and barely got sunburned!  :) We headed home around 6:30pm and rolled in about 10pm--but it wouldn't have taken that long had we not stopped for gas once and also some grub at Cook-Out.  :)  Overall, it's about a 2.75 hr. drive to Kure Beach from the Research Triangle and totally worth it.  I hope the word doesn't get out too much though...I like the fact that it wasn't too crowded!  :)

So, even though we couldn't spend the 4th with our family we had a nice time at the beach, and celebrated the birth of our Nation with some sparklers after we got home too!  :)

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