Sunday, July 24, 2011

Climbing and birds

You know, about two years (or maybe three) ago we joined a local gym.  We had to do a membership for a year, and the reason we chose the gym we did was because we could do a rock climbing package with it.  They had an extensive rock climbing wall equipped for lead rope climbing, top rope climbing and even lots of bouldering options.  We loved that gym and the membership...except not the cost so much.  So after that year was up we moved on without renewing it.

I don't think it was until last night that we realized just how much we missed that though.  Not the expense or the gym itself, but the quality time we'd get together working out and also climbing.  So, when I found a climbing gym in the area (there are actually quite a few in the area) we decided to try it out.  After I got off work last night we went over and did some climbing.  The place we went was good sized with lots of options for all those types of climbing.  We just did bouldering last night though, but had a blast!  Although...I did rip some skin (luckily not enough to bleed or anything) off my hand and both of us are sore today.  Totally worth it though!  Can't wait to go back!  :)

So, it turns out even though it's been ridiculously hot all week with extreme heat warnings everyday, we wanted to do another picnic lunch today after Church.  So, since last week was so pleasant at Duke gardens we ventured back.  I think we both had sorta forgotten that it was only about 85 last week when we were there...and it was around 100 or so today...but we did it.

We had a nice picnic lunch in the shade, by the lake again.  :)  We sort of melted...but it was totally worth it!  We got to see ducks, a swan and a cardinal!!!  We've seen plenty of cardinals since we moved here, but never close enough (or long enough) to be able to actually photograph one!!!!  So, this was a super exciting part of our little {HOT!} outing!  :)  I also got some pretty sweet pics of other stuff...check them out!  :)  Happy Sunday!

Black-necked Swan

Black-necked Swan again.  Pretty huh?

Muscovy Duck preening...

Close up of muscovy duck face.

Muscovy duck foot.  Crazy claws huh?

Muscovy duck swimming.  Don't they look a little silly when they swim?

Cardy the Cardinal!  :)

These were so interesting that I had to search to find what they were.  They are Sacred lotus or just lotus.  Here's a link... So interesting...
Maybe my favorite flower now....So pink and pretty in pink. :)

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  1. Beautiful Photos. I love the black swan, cardinal & the ugly duck. Nice flowers, too. Nice you found another place to climb.