Sunday, June 5, 2011


So, today J and I got mistaken for teenagers.  Not, sort of mistaken either, but completely, literally mistaken for a couple of teens.  Funny huh?  Since we just recently turned 30 and 27.  I'm going to totally take it as a compliment though.  What else could I do?  So what if we look young.  It's probably because we are young!  :)

I'll give you some back story though too.  This afternoon we watched one of our good friends' child.  You may remember me mentioning them before, like in this post.  They have two kiddos, a girl and boy and the little lady had her dance recital this afternoon.  So, we watched the little man, so the parents and grandparents could all go to and enjoy the recital.  We got to their house around 3, and a couple of them were just out the door with the dancer to get her prepped.  We briefly met some (well, 3 of the 4) grandparents and said goodbyes.

We had a great time watching the little man.  We played with toys, played some Dr. Seuss inspired game, spent a little (would have been more but J and I were melting...) time playing outside and started working on a dinosaur puzzle model we brought for each kiddo.  Then, everyone got home.  The little dancer was glowing, as were her very proud parents and grandparents.

Then we all chatted a bit, and we were informed that we'd been mistaken for teens.  Then when we revealed our real ages, the grandma seemed surprised and in -somewhat- disbelief, that we were actually as old as that.  So, that's funny.  And made my day....and week....and far at least! :)

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