Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Perfect Chocolate Bar for my hubs

I found (and subsequently purchased) the perfect chocolate bar for J today at my work.  (Found it by accident because it was in the wrong spot...)

It's called Chocolove, comeplete with a Love Poem inside, and it actually has chiles in the chocolate bar.  Oh and it was made in Boulder, CO.

I suppose it goes to show it really is a small world afterall, huh?  :)

Just gave it to him, and he likes it!  :)

We went berry picking again this morning, and of course had a great time!  We got about twice as many blueberries as last time, and as many blackberries.  I already froze a few cups of blueberries just to make sure they don't spoil before we can use them!  :)  We're loving our (apparently) new Saturday morning date time.  :)  I'm also pretty impressed that we're able to get up early enough to show and be ready for the day and get somewhere by 7am!  :)  I suppose that's kind of like how it was never that hard to get up super early to get ready to spend the day skiing....but it was hard to get up to go to school, etc.....  Know what I mean?  Anyway, we're having another berry nice weekend here, hope you are too!  ;)

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