Thursday, June 30, 2011

Don't Blink.

You know that song titled "Don't Blink" by Kenny Chesney?  Well, it's a good one.  It talks about how life is short, and if you blink you might miss something.  It's a sweet song, and so very true.  I'm not saying that we should go through our lives wide-eyed and ridiculous, but we should savor all the moments we have with family and friends.

Today I got off work about 35 minutes late, which was no big deal because I was happy to stay a little late to help out some co-workers.  I was super excited to get to the car sit down and have my quick 15 minute drive home and get to spend the evening with my hubby.  (Things I take for granted way too much.)

As I pulled out of the parking lot of my work I noticed there was a lot traffic.  I didn't think much of it though because it's almost a holiday weekend and it was also basically still rush hour.  To make a long story short, it took me 50 minutes to get home tonight.  5.0. instead of my usual 15. I was a little annoyed when I got home to say the least.  I hadn't run into road work, crazy accidents or anything along the way and I just couldn't fathom what the deal was...except for the fact that it was super congested and it was the volume of cars on the road that made it take SO long to get home.  I did get home safely though, and I hugged my hubs and proceeded to fix dinner, know go on as normal.

Then,  I was on my computer looking up firework displays for the 4th and saw a headline about a major accident that happened on an interstate in the research triangle this evening.  It turns out that's why the roads I was on were SO busy...and's because they'd been routed off the interstate and onto other roads.  I guess the accident really was bad.  At least three vehicles, and one semi truck were involved.  At least three people were killed and I think more were injured.

I read that and my heart just sank.  There I had been, so frustrated with traffic and why it took me so long to get home, and there were three people who had just been killed on a road that close....  Who knows, if I had left work when I was supposed to, it could have been me in that wreck.  Or, I could have been stuck in traffic for even longer.  Or, I could have never found out about it and just gone on with my life as usual.

It's so easy to just forget about the fact that life is short, and can be over in just a matter of minutes.  I need to remember to be thankful for everything (and of course everyone) in my life in the here and now, instead of later.  Because who knows, later may never come.  I'm not trying to be depressing...just realistic.  So, I hope you my family and friends know that I love you!  Especially you my sweet, handsome, loving, caring, thoughtful and brilliant hubby of mine!  :)

Sorry if this is a little disjointed...I'm tired...and worn out...emotionally, physically and all.  It's sure been a day!  But I will still rejoice in the Lord, and I am still thankful for this day the Lord has made.

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