Friday, June 17, 2011

Caution ...

Ok, maybe it's because my father and grandfather are Civil Engineers.  Or maybe because I grew up with a father and grandfather who both worked for a certain government agency who was in charge of building and maintaining highways...  Or maybe it's because I had an Engineering Internship with that same govt agency for a couple of summers.  But I get really offended whenever people take Road Construction for granted.  (ie:  get really mad about delays, etc...)  So here's a little rant I have to have on here because another one of our 'friends' on Facebook just posted a status about it, and it read:  "2 lane closures on I25 just for 4 workers and a Bobcat. That and stupid drivers = I'm done driving I25 through Denver. Also last time it took 3 hours to get from den to ft Collins."  

To this person it's all just one big inconvenience.  He doesn't seem to understand how dangerous it is to work Road Construction or to be on the side of the interstate, etc.  So, why should I ever get bothered by his comment?  I don't know...I just do because people just don't get it.  They'd rather complain about something they know SO little about, than just learn more about it.

Isn't it weird that people get so frustrated with road construction delays, instead of being thankful for the people out there risking their lives to make your drive safer, faster and easier?!?!  Plus it only happens a few months out of the year.

Give them a brake people--and quite complaining--because would you really want to be the one out there doing it?!?!?!?!!  I didn't think so.

Or would you rather have dirt roads to drive on?  With holes and crazy washboards?  No, I didn't think so either.

So, please, instead of getting so mad and frustrated when you are stopped for those few short minutes on the highway (or in town) just take it as a moment to relax and smell the roses--err asphalt.  k?  Because, in the end it's going to make your life easier, even if it takes a few minutes from your day now.

Plus, since you already know it's road construction season, just leave a few minutes earlier in the morning and you won't have to worry about possibly being late for wherever you're going.  That place that you think is so much more important than the lives of the people making that road better for you.  Then maybe there won't be so many death of flaggers and road construction workers--if we all just pay attention and have some patience for the work they are doing for US!   :)  (Whether you believe it or not, they are helping us out...and they are some of us for the record too.)

Ok, I'm done ranting.  :)  Feels good to have gotten that out!  Have a great day!  And please be thankful for those risking their lives to make you get somewhere faster and safer!  :)

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